Psychic Surgery Healing

Laurence Cacteng prepares to operate
  • Are you plagued by aches and pains that just will not go away, and your doctors have been unable to help you for many years?
  • Have you been diagnosed with cancer, heart problems, diabetes or any other serious medical conditions? 

If you suffer from one of the following, come to see us. Modern medicine is struggling with those. We are not!

Lupus - Fibromyalgia - Tinnitus - Vertigo - Ménière’s Disease - Osteoporosis - Hepatitis C. (primary cause) - Thyroid Disorders - Hashimoto - Central Nervous System Disorders - Heart Palpitations - Some Aches & Pains Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) - ME - Anxiety - Dizziness - Chest tightness - Esophageal spasms - Asthma - Some Insomnia - Heart palpitation, and many more..

Psychic surgery Healing probably is the natural therapy most criticized by those who have never visited psychic surgeons in the Philippines.

I have investigated them and I agree that over 90% of them are charlatans but there also are a few that are genuine, and this has been proven by a team of American doctors that have also investigated this amazing phenomenon (see movie below⬇︎).

The best proof that psychic surgery healing works is by listening to those who have received treatments and are willing to testify.

"After less than a week of treatments, my mother and I both found ourselves moving parts of our bodies, searching for the aches and pains that Laurence (psychic surgeon) had treated, but that we had nursed over months and in some cases, years.
These aches and pains had disappeared." 
Full Feedback here.

Doctors Confirm That Psychic Surgery Is Genuine

Psychic Surgery Healing Trips

We offer group trips when you will receive 10 treatments over a period of 5 days (1 in the morning and one in the afternoon). More treatments are needed if you suffer from some cancers.

You will also benefit from 4 lectures with Patrick on "The causes of diseases and what to do to recover long term health".

These lectures are of the utmost importance as otherwise you would go back to your country after the surgeries and keep making the same mistakes that created your diseases in the first place. The end result would be that your illnesses would come back. Logical!

We also offer individual trips when you may be able to travel on a date of your choosing (no lectures but a consultation is possible)

If unwell and struggling to get better why not try this extremely powerful method of healing? Nothing to lose!


Consultations with Patrick are done using the FREE Skype or WhatsApp communication system when you can see me on your computer screen and I can see you on mine.

1- Complete Health Consultation when Patrick will help you find how you created your disease and what to do to regain health.

Covered: diet, negative emotions, excessive stress, toxic environment, lifestyle, supplements, detox from toxic metals (mercury, aluminum  lead, cadmium, etc..). Patrick will also check if you have been infected with the most aggressive virus that modern medicine often ignores (almost 2/3rd of Americans are affected) and if so explain how to get rid of it.

2- Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to effectively help people with negative feelings, stress, addiction, fears, phobias, etc..


 Gentle therapies such as massage, reflexology, Acupressure, Reiki healing, Indian Head Massage, etc.. explained.

Videos, meditations and manuals available for immediate download in our shop. See the "Therapies" pull down menu top of this screen.

You can learn to practice these therapies at home to help your family, friends and all those close to you.

Beat Cancer

Breast cancer is #1 for women
Prostate cancer #2 for men

For those suffering from cancer. See "Beat Cancer" Menu at the top of this page.

Advice on Breast, Prostate or other cancers.

How to regain health using natural herbs, diets, positive emotions, natural products, exercises, etc..

Only a strong immune system can beat cancer. We show you how to boost it.

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