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What Is Alternative Therapy about?

Alternative Therapy aim is to inform you about some of the gentle and effective Therapies available today.

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The various therapies below are listed in alphabetical sequence.

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What Is An Alternative Therapy?

One dictionary definition of Complementary Therapy:

“A variety of therapeutic or preventive health care practices, such as aromatherapy, reflexology, shiatsu, and herbal medicine, that do not follow generally accepted medical methods and may not have a scientific explanation for their effectiveness.”

No scientific explanation! Maybe not, but they have hundred thousands of years of proven efficacy and that is why they are still used today.

How Can An Alternative Therapy
Help Me?

A complementary Therapy can be extremely powerful at balancing and healing the body. It is used to “tune” our various organs, muscles, blood and lymph flow.

When applied by a qualified practitioner, or by yourself, it can help you recover health if sick. It can also be used to remove toxins from your body and prevent the onset of a disease.

Introduction To The Various Therapies:

Alternative Therapy: Acupressure

Acupressure can be defined as the pressing of some precise points on the body to relieve pain, balance energy, free blockages, etc…

Altogether, there are 14 paired meridians (according to Yin Yang principles) and over 660 Acupressure locations on the body

Click on Acupressure locations to view all points on each of the 14 meridians, learn a bit of history, find out about Meridian active times plus a lot more information on each meridian.

Should you wish to learn Acupressure massage to help yourself or to enjoy an exchange with your partner, friends or family, you now can with the help of our Acupressure video.

Information on Acupressure and a full movie showing a proper acupressure massage sequence
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Alternative Therapy
Anatomy And Physiology


Anatomy and physiology are the sciences that relate to the body.

Anatomy deals with the structure. Physiology explains the functions of the body of a human being.

Click here if you wish to learn more about "Anatomy And Physiology".

A complete course to learn Anatomy And Physiology
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Alternative Therapy: Aromatherapy

An aromatherapy massage is delightful as it combines the benefits of a massage with the added power of essential and carrier oils.

The following seven web pages will reveal most of what you need to know about aromatherapy:

Aromatherapy Essential Oils will tell you about the general properties of essential oils, how to buy a good oil, some do's and don'ts, how to store your oils, oil safety dilution, NINE different methods of absorption, contraindications and a dictionary of terms commonly used.

Aromatherapy Recipes offers a huge number of recipes for the home, first aid, common ailments, cosmetics and toiletries, make your own skincare recipes, hair recipe, perfume, bathroom and toilets, pets and garden.

Aromatherapy for Pregnancy & Babies- This explains which essential oils are safe during pregnancy and which can be used on babies. Advice on post natal depression, morning sickness...

Everything You'd Want To Know About Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy for Pregnancy & Babies - What oils are safe to use during pregnancy and what will they help you with and aromatherapy for the baby.

Aromatherapy Carrier Oils - Description and properties of nineteen different carrier oils use in Aromatherapy. 

Essential Oils Guide will explain the properties of the most common aromatherapy oils.

Essential Oil Extraction - Seven different methods of oil extraction explained.

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Alternative Therapy: Professional Massage

This should be given using a pure organic carrier oil. The therapist, if properly trained, will use seven different strokes on your body:

Many poorly trained therapists unfortunately only use two.

I would not recommend you use these people as you will not get the full benefits of massage.

What is a good massage?

Full information on how to choose a good therapist is given in our Professional Massage page.

Our Professional Massage Video is now available for download or as a DVD.

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Alternative Therapy: Emotional Healing

Negative emotions are arguably the main trigger to disease. It is of the utmost importance to keep your emotions as positive as you can.

There are techniques that can be used to help you cope with negative emotions or stress:

  • Find yourself an engrossing hobby
  • Reprogramme your brain using an easy form of meditation to get your right and left brain to have more neural pathways to communicate
  • Use Emotional Freedom Therapy

Full information may be found here.

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Alternative Therapy: Enemas

A few years ago, I was researching the different herbs and products that could be used to cleanse our descending and sigmoid colons with an enema (and our Liver).

My research got me to read several books, articles, web pages, etc... but nobody had actually covered the different herbs, products, food, etc.. that could be used in enemas. Leave alone the beneficial effects the ingredients had.

Having gathered all this information, I wrote the book mysel.

Click here for book content.

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Alternative Therapy: Indian Head Massage

A wonderful form of massage when the scalp, head, neck and upper shoulders are treated.

It is thoroughly relaxing and I often have had the client fall asleep during this massage.

An ordinary chair can be use for this massage but some therapist prefer to use a special “massage chair’.

Our Indian Head Massage web page will offer more information on IHM.

Indian Head Massage Is Delightful to Receive. How About Learning The Sequence?

Should you be interested in learning this wonderful form of massage, I recommend our own video.

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Alternative Therapy: Macrobiotic Diet

Macrobiotic is one of the most powerful therapy for healing if you are unwell. It can be helped for all types of disease ranging from colds to cancer or heart problems.

After being diagnosed with cancers of the liver and large intestines, I turned my back on modern medicine and chose to learn Macrobiotic diet.

Are You Unwell? So Was I When Diagnosed With Liver & Colon Cancer Back In 1991. Macrobiotic Saved My Life.

Macrobiotic is more than a diet, it is a way of life. When done properly, it has the power to help sufferer recover health from these so called “incurable disease”.

A consultation is recommended when first starting this diet.

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Oriental Diagnosis

The state of health of all our organs is mirrored on our body. These markings appears on the face, ears, eyes, tongue, hands, feet, along meridian lines (energy lines that flow in the body), etc...

Oriental Diagnosis is the art of reading these tell-tell marks and knowing when an organ is getting weak (hopefully) before it causes a health problem.

On the above diagram, the red line would show the state of the intestines. The pink mark the state of the prostate in males and uterus in female.

Oriental Diagnosis to know when an organ is getting weak

And so on...

To learn more about Oriental Diagnosis click here.

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Psychic Surgery

Basically, a Psychic Surgeon enters a person's body using his / her Bare Hands and manually removes diseased or dead tissues, tumors, calcium deposits and other matters that should not be there.

No anesthetic or drugs of any kind are used during the surgery and the patient is not hypnotized in any way.

The surgery is performed without inflicting any pain, coming out without leaving any visible marks or scars.

Psychic Surgery has saved the lives of thousands. Check it if unwell.

After the surgery, you may get up and resume your daily activities with more of less the same amount of energy that you had before the surgery.

Impossible ? Yes, but only according to modern scientific standards.

I have been involved with Psychic Surgery since 1997 and I have witnessed and filmed several thousand major operations performed in minutes.

If interested to learn more, click on the corresponding headings on my  menu (on the left).

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Alternative Therapy: Reflexology foot Massage

10,000 nerve endings are present in the feet. When massaging a specific area, a qualified Reflexologist will be able to tune an organ by skillfully exercising pressure on the corresponding part of the foot.

Many, so called, Reflexologists are not properly trained, and they will simply give a relaxing (or painful) foot massage. I never use those, they can cause more damage than good.

Reflexology is also good at diagnosing organs that are getting weak before they cause problems. This is valuable as, armed with this information, we can proceed to fix the organ before it gets worse.

Reflexology is great to tune the body and prevent/ remove diseases

Click on the corresponding Heading on the left to read more about this therapy. 

Should you be interested in a Reflexology video to practice on yourself, partner, friends and family... Click here.

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Reiki Healing

Reiki is probably the most popular form of healing in the world today.

The reasons for this are:

  • Anybody can learn it, no superbrain needed
  • It can be learned extremely quickly
  • It is very powerful
  • It can be used for self treatments or to help others
  • You can send healing at a distance with Reiki
  • It is affordable
Reiki is one of the most powerful form of healing there is. Available to all

Read all about Reiki by clicking on one of the numerous Reiki Healing headings offered on the left.