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Scientist Albert EinsteinScientist Albert Einstein

If you currently suffer from a condition that modern medicine has been unable to help you with, you need my help.

Scientist Albert Einstein had the definition of insanity as: "To keep doing the same thing and expecting different results."

This definition very much applies to illnesses. We partly create our own diseases and unless we change what we've been doing wrong, we will never recover our health. Logical!

Complete Health Consultation With Patrick

In my consultation I will explain in great details (verbal and written) what changes you need to make to recover health.

I do not use harmful chemicals to do this, only powerful healing herbs, supplements, fruits, vegetables and wild food. I also advise on what tools to use to substantially reduce harmful stress and negative emotions and I make recommendations on how to lead a healthy lifestyle.


Nowadays, there are many more viruses than ever before affecting our health and it is important to neutralize them. Check below the list of diseases one of them triggers. During my consultation, I tell you how to get rid of it.

If you suffer from one of the following, there is a good chance that this virus is also affecting you (in alpha sequence):

Aches & Pains (some) - Anxiety - Asthma (some form) - Cancers (some) - Chest tightness - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) - Dizziness - Esophageal spasms - Eye floaters - Feet tingling or numb - Fibromyalgia - Food sensitivities (new ones) - Hands tingling or numb - Hashimoto Central Nervous System Disorders - Heart Palpitations - Hepatitis C. (primary cause) - Insomnia (some) - Joint pains - Liver sluggishness (some) - Lupus - ME (Myalgic Encephalopathy) - Ménière’s Disease (most) - Migraines (some) - Multiple Sclerosis (MS) - Muscle pains - Nervous system inflammation developed after thyroid problems - Osteoporosis - Rheumatoid arthritis - Thyroid Disorders (most) - Tinnitus - Vertigo (most) - ..and many, many other illnesses 

I explain and give precise written recommendations on how to gradually remove this nasty virus from your body.

Mercury & Other Toxic Metals Poisoning

Mercury, and other deadly toxins, are in the air we breathe and impossible to avoid. It is present in the fish we eat, and as it deposes itself back from atmosphere to earth, it is also found on vegetables, fruits and animals.

Mercury was prescribed as a medicine for many years. If you were unwell, your doctor would give you a mercury drink. It was considered a cure all (it was more a "kill all"). What this means is that our ancestors have passed on mercury from mother to child and most of us had it in our body when we were born.

It is impossible to avoid deadly toxic metals and if you've never forcefully removed them from your body, many of the symptoms you currently suffer from may be due to these poisonous substances. 

ALL customers I have helped in the past always had symptoms linked with one of these toxic metals: mercury, lead, copper, arsenic, aluminum, nickel, cadmium, etc.. So, I now routinely advise on a simple - extremely effective - detoxification method. If you've never detoxed from toxic metals before, you should notice many important health improvements quickly.

What Is Mercury Responsible For? (in alpha sequence):

ADHD, alzheimer, anxiety, autism, bipolar disorder, body tics, confusion, dementia, depression, epilepsy, fevers (some), fatigue, gibberish talks, hair loss, heart palpitations, hot flashes, insomnia, jerking, madness (some form), loss of libido, memory loss, migraines, neurological disorders, numbness, Parkinson, rage, shaking uncontrollably, spasms, stroke, thyroid disorders, tics, twitches, and many other illnesses.

It also feeds cancers, viruses, bacteria and causes inflammation. 

I give you verbal and written information during the consultation to explain how to remove those from your body.

Teas To Detox

Chlorine, fluoride, pesticides, herbicides, plastics, cleaning solvents and radiation are in your body and killing you slowly. These seriously reduce your life expectancy and provide food for bacteria, viruses and even feed cancer cells.

The following tea recipes will be given in my lectures or consultations to further detox your body:

  • Anti-Chlorine/ Anti-Fluoride Tea
  • Anti-Pesticide/ Anti-Herbicide/ Anti-Fungicide Tea 
  • Anti-Plastics Tea To rid your body of plastic and plastic by-products:
  • Anti– Cleaning Solvents Tea 
  • Anti-Radiation Tea 

I will Also Explain..

  • Foods to eat and foods to avoid + much more on this topic
  • What to drink
  • Herbs/Supplements.. What to take, what to avoid.
  • Stress and negative Emotions.. You probably already know that excessive stress is a killer. So are negative emotions. In my consultation, I will introduce you to 4 very effective methods to easily combat these health destroying emotions.
  • Home Products.. What home products are safe to clean your house or to use as cosmetics. This will be explained.
  • Lifestyle.. What type of exercise do you do? Does it destroy your health or increase it? You'll find out. Other habits, good and bad habits will also be discussed.

My success rate is very high when my recommendations are strictly followed.

Type 2 Diabetes & Hypoglycemia

I you are Type 2 Diabetic or Hypoglycemic, please read this page.

I believe that I can also help you recover from this disease.

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I offer unlimited support after the consultation so if you have any questions, you may email me, call / text me on WhatsApp or on my cell phone.

The consultation will last about 1.5 to 2 hours face to face + about 1.5 hour for me to tailor the recommendations prior to our chat.
Unlimited email and WhatsApp support will be given afterwards.

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