Oriental Diagnosis

Markings on the face are connected to organs in the body. The red line for example is linked to the Intestines, dark grey is your liver etc...
  • Do you know which of your organs is getting weak and need attention?
  • Would you like to be able to strengthen this organ before it starts causing you problems?
  • Would you like to be able to help your children, partner or friends with this skill?

Take this test and see how much you already know.

Markings On The Face

Reddish tip of chin indicating prostate (or uterus) problems looming.

Oriental Diagnosis is an accurate way to check your - or another person - state of health.

All you need to do is observe the different markings on the body. 

Hover over a picture to see my comments.

You may, for example, be looking at somebody and notice that the tip of their chin is reddish. What does this mean?

Eye bags puffy with dark line indicating that the kidneys are retaining water and getting weak

What do you think a puffiness under the eyes means?

The states of all our organs are mirrored in our face and other parts of the body. 

Breast Problems?

Green discoloration and puffiness may indicate breat problems

A green discoloration on the forearm may mean breast problems.

Have your breast checked if you see this marking and get some help.

Stop eating ice cream or cold, soft dairy as this is one of the main causes.

The Hands & The Nails

A discoloration means problems in the Large Intestines

The width of the palm compared to the fingers will inform you of the person's constitution at birth.

What do you think a wet palm means when you shake hand with a person?

Answer: This would indicate a large consumption of Yin (Yin and Yang are fully explained in layman's language in our course material).

Indicates an over consumption of sugar in the diet (such as: brown sugar, molasses, honey, fruits, alcohol, chocolate, biscuits and anything that contains sugar.


Peeling nails, indentations, white dots, vertical ridges, splits nails... What is it all about?

Legs & Feet Markings

Reflexology foot map

The feet are also an absolute mine of information. They accurately tell you about the state of all the organs in the body.

Markings on the legs will be found alongside meridians (explained in our course).

You Too Can Learn Oriental Diagnosis

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