Trips To Visit a Psychic Surgeon & Receive Healing

Patrick & Psychic Surgeon Laurence

I organize trips to the the Philippines to visit Psychic Surgeon Laurence Cacteng or Jun Labo and receive treatments. I explicitly trust both of them. 

Over 90% of so called Psychic Surgeons are fakes.
Do not be conned into seeing a "magician

I have been organizing Psychic Surgery trips Since 1997.

I (Patrick) was diagnosed with liver and large intestines cancer in July 1991. I cured myself by changing/ removing what I had done to create my condition. Eventually I had my remaining (then benign) tumors removed by a Psychic Surgeon.

Today, I am (Patrick) fit and healthy again.

If you suffer from mysterious aches and pains, cancer or another degenerative diseases such as heart problems, diabetes, etc.. or that modern medicine has been unable to help you for many years, I believe that Psychic Surgery in addition to the advice I give during my optional consultation can guide you back to health.

Check these Testimonials from previous visitors.

Individual Trips To A Genuine Surgeon On A Date You Choose

Advantages traveling with me:

  1. You may travel when convenient to you, no set dates, but as traffic is horrendous in Manila because of many road works I will only drive you from Manila to your chosen healer on a Sunday. If you decide to fly to Clark (code: CRK) instead of Manila, you will save at least 2 hours on your journey. Less fatigue.. and if your plane lands before 3:30pm, I will drive you to near your chosen healer on the day of your arrival. Click here for a list of airlines that fly to Clark.
  2. I organize your whole trip for you and you can relax and concentrate 100% on your healing during your visit. 
  3. I will check the psychic surgeon's availability on your behalf. I will have vetted this healer thoroughly for many years and be convinced that he/she is genuine.
  4. Should you run into difficulties, I will support you the best I can.
  5. I have attended numerous courses on many natural health methods, and.. I cured myself of cancer using this knowledge.I believe that I can also help you with your diseases, and advise you how to recover health.


If you need to stay one night in Manila, the hotel I recommend is Lotus Garden hotel.

If you need to stay one night in Clark, I recommend either Lewis Grand hotel,   Vera hotel or Red Planet hotel (best price). 

These hotels are safe, prices are reasonable, staff is very efficient and the rooms are clean.

If you've chosen to fly to Clark (Code: CRK) you may not need to book yourself in an hotel overnight as the drive to the psychic surgeon will only take about 3.5 hours.

Information about your second hotel near the psychic surgeon will be sent to you shortly after your registration.

Optional Consultation With Patrick

If you suffer from mysterious aches and pains, a degenerative disease such as cancer, heart problem, diabetes, etc.. you must understand that you have partly created this illness through your eating / drinking habits, negative emotions / stress, toxic products used in your home and your lifestyle.

Furthermore we now are under attack from new strains of viruses that damage our health (about 2/3rd of Americans suffer from one of them whether they know it or not). We are also constantly bombarded with poisonous toxins from the chemical industry, and to top it all, we are ALL storing toxic metals such as Mercury, Aluminum, Cadmium, Nickel, etc..

All these feed the diseases in our body and it is impossible to regain health without removing them.

I will show you how to successfully get rid of all these during my optional consultation.

UNIQUE: Prior to the trip, if a consultation has been requested, the participant fills in a form asking him/her what their health complaints are. During the consultation, the participant receives a list, plus thorough verbal explanations on what to do improve or completely cure each one of their health problems. Many are very surprised as they did not even know the TRUE causes of their illnesses.

Believing that Psychic Surgery alone is enough to guarantee that your health problems will never come back is wrong. 

Keep making the same mistakes, don't use special foods / natural products to detoxify, and it is only logical that your diseases will come back. 

If you really want the full benefits of powerful Psychic Surgery treatments with Laurence and my experience since 1993 helping sick people, the best tour to join is my group trip. Included in it are 4 lectures on "The causes diseases and what to do to recover long term health", lunch and standard hotel breakfast, hotel for 6 nights when near the healer, all transport in the Philippines + Patrick constant help for the full duration of your trip.

Introduction To Psychic Surgeon Laurence Cacteng or Jun Labo

  • I will thoroughly explain the Psychic Surgery procedure so you know exactly what to expect.
  • Should you desire, and if the surgeon allows it, I will film your surgery for you.
  • Based on my experience taking part in these surgeries since 1997, I should be able to answer most of the questions you have about your treatments.
  • I will help you liaise with the surgeon to make sure all your questions are answered. 

Resumé: Your Trip Schedule

Patrick, your personal assistant

DAY 1 with Patrick - I rent a car (I do not own one) and pick you up from Clark (only 3.5 hours to the surgeon) or Manila on a Sunday and drive you to near your chosen healer (about 5-6 hours). If your plane lands after 1pm in Manila, you need to spend a first night in Manila at Lotus Garden hotel as driving in the Philippines when dark can be dangerous.

Optional, but recommendedConsultation with Patrick in the afternoon if your wish to understand the root causes of your diseases and what to do to recovery long term health. Ignoring the reasons why you got sick in the first place and doing the same things again when you go back home will mean that your illness will come back. It is logical!

DAY 2 with Patrick - Introduction to the psychic surgeon for the morning treatment.

After the treatment, if you so wish, I show you the main street, Mall, market, banks, good money changers and ATMs to get cash.

I will then accompany you for your second surgery in the afternoon, take you back to your hotel and leave you.

Should you want me to stay longer than these 2 days with you, I strongly recommend that you join my group trip instead. This way, you will also benefit from my 4 lectures (worth €495). The group trip option is in fact cheaper as in addition to my lectures, I also include your hotel accommodation when near the healer, breakfast, lunch and all transport in the Philippines.

Your Remaining Treatments days with the Psychic Surgeon:

Extra days you need to stay with the surgeon before your return to Manila (or Clark): Laurence & Jun recommends 10 treatments for a full body clean up. This means that you will have to stay near your chosen healer at least 5 full days if you wish to have two treatments a day or for 10 days if you choose to only have one treatment a day. 

Your Last Day, Return to Manila (or Clark - Code CRK) - Once all your treatments are completed, you will be picked up from your hotel and driven back to Manila or Clark.

If you are suffering from a stage 3 or 4 cancer or have other serious health problems, talk to me as you may need more than 10 treatments.

Costs You Will Incur (see above to check what's included)

  1. My fee (see below)
  2. Your return flight to Manila or Clark (Code CRK).
  3. Your hotel will cost you between 2,000 and 7,000 Philippines pesos (Php) per night depending on how long in advance you book and the type of hotel you request.
  4. Meals will cost between 300 & 500 Pesos.
  5. Each Psychic Surgery treatment with Laurence Cacteng will cost €70 Euros. Allow €700 for 10 treatments (talk to me if you think you may need more than 10 treatments). Jun Labo charges €100 per treatments.
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Book Your Trip

Contact me first and let me know when you’d like to come. I will then call the Surgeon and see if available, and make sure a car can be rented.

If you do not have the strength to walk properly or need my help to support you during your trip, YOU SHOULD NOT JOIN THIS TRIP but join the group trip instead.

You will be asked to confirm you full acceptance of our Agreement form when booking your trip.  

If you do not wish to travel to the Philippines, consider my consultation.
It has saved the lives of many people.

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