Laurence Cacteng is a gifted Filipino Psychic Surgeon. He is documented as having cured 10,000s patients over his long career. Laurence channels Jesus. Through Patrick, he offers treatments at his healing centre in the Philippines.

Patrick Hamouy - Cured himself of liver and large intestines cancers diagnosed in July 1991. Author of several books on how to recover health using the power of foods & herbs. Patrick has helped thousands recover well-being through his internet health consultations, and lectures.


Patrick fought cancer using Macrobiotics and other natural medicines and wonPatrick

In 1991, after many years of stress running my own computer company, and bad diet, my health was very poor.

I had cancerous tumors in my liver and large intestines and was given a death sentence by modern medicine.

For many years, I had amateurishly tried to take care of my health by using natural remedies, and I had a fascination for Alternative Therapies.

The 1991 recession had a deep negative impact on my computer company, and this gave me time to study as there were no customers in sight.

I joined various evening and weekend courses in 1990-92 and qualified in Anatomy & Physiology and Massage. I then pursued my studies in Aromatherapy, Reflexology.

My health improved a little, but my Cancers still had me on death row.

My Recovery With Macrobiotic & Archangel Raziel Help

In July 1991, I started following a very strict macrobiotic lifestyle and this greatly contributed to saving my life.

My Macrobiotic and other studies, plus information from Archangel Raziel allowed me to learn:

  • How different foods in the body can negatively affect our health 
  • How to use vegetables, fruits, grains, spices, wild foods, and herbs to heal most illnesses (including so called "autoimmune")
  • The damage caused by negative emotions and excessive stress 
  • The diseases caused by the huge number of poisonous chemicals in our environment 
  • Viruses, and how to rid the body of them. More than ¾ of Americans are suffering from a virus that is escaping modern medicine detection and weapons. 
  • How to remove mercury, lead, copper, arsenic, aluminum, nickel, cadmium and other deadly metals, plastics, radiation, chlorine, fluoride, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, cleaning solvent, etc.. from our body as those feed cancers, viruses, bacteria and cause inflammation 

Mid 1993, I formed my own school and with a small group of trusted therapists' friends we started teaching.

Except for a broken bone in my right hand, I have NOT visited a doctor since July 1991. I am fit and well. 

My Life

  • I was born in France, but lived most of my life in England - Maidenhead, Gerrards Cross, and Saltdean (village near Brighton) 
  • I have 2 sons: Charles was born in 1986, Philip was born in 1988. They graduated, and both have landed good jobs. They live in England.  
  • I ran my own school of alternative medicine in the UK between 1993 and 2007 
  • I gave lectures on health matters to various individuals and organizations   
  • Today, I am fit and healthy 
  • In March 2007 I left England to live in the Philippines 
  • I have been offering trips to the Philippines since 1997. My first trip was to visit psychic surgeon Laurence Cacteng 
  • I now give lectures to my group trip visitors and consultations on the internet (using FREE communication systems such as Skype or WhatsApp) on "The causes of diseases and what to do to recover long term health"
  • In December 2003 I met my wife. We’ve been together since July 2007. I love her dearly, and she is responsible for my living in the Philippines.  
  • Psychic surgeon Laurence checks my state of health with treatments when I feel that I may need help. He usually just congratulates me on my “Good body” (his words) 
  • I have thoroughly checked Laurence, and I know that he is genuine 

Allow Me To Guide You Back To Health With A Consultation

Since 1993, I have been guiding sick people back to health. See testimonials. 

I use the FREE WhatsApp or  Skype communication systems during my consultations. This allows me to see my customer on my computer screen and them to see me as if we were sitting in front of each other. 

Wherever you are in the world, I believe that I can help guide you back to health with the knowledge I have accumulated since 1991 and the help of Archangel Raziel.

Psychic Surgery Healing In The Philippines

Have you heard of these amazing Filipino psychic surgeons, such as Laurence,  who are famous for curing cancers, heart problems, diabetes, and a multitude of other diseases?

Laurence is one of the best. He  has assisted thousands of people recover health with psychic surgery when modern medicine could not help them.  

Details of our next group trip to visit Laurence may be found on this page. You may also come on your own if you don't want to be part of a group.

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