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You've had your consultation with naturopath Patrick and you are invited to join our advice newsletter.

This is only offered to existing clients who have had a consultation with Patrick.

Every month I will send you several emails with some of the following content:

  1. A recipe using the foods you are allowed to eat, as per Patrick's advice. This may be for a main course, for a delicious pudding, a snack, etc..
  2. What equipment to use for juicing, frying, steaming, food processing, etc..
  3. A health tip that Patrick has judged important.
  4. Full explanation on a specific food and its benefits.
  5. A full explanation on a specific herb / supplement and its benefits. 
  6. And more about helping you recover long term health.

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We will collect a minimal US$9.95 each month for 6 months. You may cancel at any time.

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