Alcohol Health Effects

Alcohol health effects are numerous on your body.

Alcohol contributes to 100,000 deaths annually, making it the third leading cause of preventable mortality in the U.S.

Binge drinking or regular consumption of alcohol increases your risk of getting cancer of:

  • the mouth
  • larynx
  • esophagus
  • liver
  • colon
  • breast
  • pancreas
  • lungs

If you currently suffer from one of the above cancers, I very strongly recommend that you stop drinking alcohol immediately.

What is meant by binge drinking?

For a woman this means three or more drink in one day.

For a man this means four or more drinks in one day.

What is meant by regular drinking?

For a woman this is equal to at least two alcoholic drinks most day.

For a man this is equal to at least three alcoholic drinks most day.

If you have reached the above, this means you are alcohol dependent and to recover health you need to stop drinking. Failing to do this will trigger the Alcohol health effects mentioned above and below.

Who should never drink?

  • Pregnant or attempting to get pregnant
  • People sick
  • People taking medication as this may interfere with the drugs
  • People under age

Long term consumption of alcohol leads to the following Alcohol Health effects:

Diseases Triggered by Alcohol

  • heart disease
  • stroke
  • liver disease
  • circulatory problems 
  • hypertension
  • stomach ailments
  • sexual impotence
  • depression / anxiety
  • alcoholic hepatitis
  • neurological problems
  • dementia
  • peptic ulcer 
  • heart and central nervous system damage
  • irreversible brain damage
  • loss of appetite, and blackouts
  • Cirrhosis of the Liver. This is in the top 15 leading causes

Other Problems Caused By Alcohol

Regular alcohol drinkers have the strongest risk for developing young-onset dementia (YOD).

Scientists in Spain are reporting that even moderate alcohol consumption increases our chances of developing allergies.

Alcohol contained in wine, beer and liquor is a neurotoxin that can poison your brain.

Alcohol destroys the friendly bacteria in the Intestines.

Alcohol dehydrates you and three glasses of water are needed to replace one of beer.

Women who drink more than a half a glass of alcohol per day and have low intakes of the B vitamin foliate substantially increase their risk of breast cancer.

Alcohol Will...

  • alters your perceptions
  • dulls your senses
  • hinders coordination
  • blocks memory functions

Alcohol interacts negatively with more than 150 medications.

Dr Haikerwal (Australian) said there is compelling international evidence that mothers who drink even small amounts of alcohol during pregnancy could unwittingly harm their unborn children.

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