A qualifying course in
Anatomy And Physiology

We offer our course as a download on the Internet for all computers, tablets or cell phone (Apple OK).

Many advantages are linked to our online course:

  • No lengthy travelling to school
  • Flexible learning hours
  • Work at your pace, not at the pace of the school or other students

This all means more time to spend with your family and children.

And... only pay a fraction of what physically attending a school would cost.

Why Learn With Us?

Despite its much reduced price, which is only possible because of the extreme automation that can now be achieved on computers, our course is very comprehensive.

It is recognized by the following organizations:

I.P.T.I. (Independent Professional Therapists International) is a United Kingdom-based organization.

I.P.T.I. is an Independent association formed to serve the needs of  aestheticians and complementary therapists throughout the world.

Their membership is open to all therapists holding national or state recognized qualifications. 

I.P.T.I. - for insurance please contact
Wellbeing Insurance  on 01252 735806 or enquiries@wellbeinginsurance.co.uk

BABTAC also recognizes our A&P qualification. BABTAC is one of the largest qualifying body in the UK.

Our A&P qualification allows you to combine another course in say body massage, Indian head massage or reflexology, etc… And get insurance and practice. 

Why Study Anatomy & Physiology?

  • You may want to study Anatomy & Physiology for your benefit so you acquire the knowledge of how your body works and what functions all your organs perform.

  • It is necessary to study Anatomy & Physiology to gain a recognized qualification in other related subjects such as Body Massage, Indian Head Massage, Acupressure Massage or Reflexology. All offered on this website.

This must be studied because when you perform a Massage you need to know where the organs are positioned and what they do.

Without this knowledge, it would be quite dangerous to give a treatment.
Our course will cover an in-depth study of the following:

  • The skeletal system
  • Cells, connective tissues, membranes
  • Muscular system
  • The Skin
  • Vascular system, blood
  • Lymphatic system
  • Respiratory system
  • Digestive system
  • Endocrine system
  • Genitourinary system
  • Reproductive System
  • Neurological system
  • First Aid 
  • Accessory organs (eyes, ears)

What Is Needed?

The Equipment you need:

  • Any computer, tablet or cell phone - Apple OK
  • You will need an internet connection for our Tests and to view some graphics
  • You will need an installed version of Kindle to run our program. This can be downloaded free here.

We will supply you with :

  • Our Anatomy & Physiology course
  • Numerous diagrams
  • Tests - to be completed at the end of each lesson
  • We will acknowledge each test you submit and keep those for final evaluation. If you average 75% or more in all the tests, we will automatically send you our diploma at the end of your course.
  • Prompt email support for 12 months (possible renewal after 12 months if you have not yet completed your course)

A well-deserved Diploma in Anatomy & Physiology recognizing all your efforts when you finish the course. 

Order Your Course Now

Our course uses Amazon Kindle as a support and it will work on Windows, MAC, Tablets, iPad, iPhone or Androids. When you order it, you are licensed to use it on your cell phone, tablets and computer.

If you don't have Kindle on your device yet, you can download it FREE here. To load our module on your computer simply double tap on our module.

If you only want to learn Anatomy & Physiology for yourself, order the $9.95 course. Similar content to the $99.95 but no test, no support and no diploma at the end.

If you need a recognized diploma, then you need to purchase the $99.95 course.

Full qualifying Anatomy & Physiology course ₤99.95 Immediate Download, Diploma and Support.

Full Anatomy & Physiology course ₤9.95 Immediate Download.
NO Diploma NO Support

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