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Our course uses Amazon Kindle as a support and it will work on Windows, MAC, Tablets, iPad, iPhone or Androids. When you order it, you are licensed to use it on your cell phone, tablets and computer.

If you don't have Kindle on your device yet, you can download it FREE here. To load our module on your computer simply double tap on our module.

If you only want to learn Anatomy & Physiology for yourself, order the $9.95 course. Similar content to the $99.95 but no test, no support and no diploma at the end.

If you need a recognized diploma, then you need to purchase the $99.95 course.

Full qualifying Anatomy & Physiology course ₤99.95 Immediate Download, Diploma and Support.

Full Anatomy & Physiology course ₤9.95 Immediate Download.
NO Diploma NO Support

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