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No. of Questions= 10
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1 What does the A stand for in the ABC method ?

a) airways

b) anatomy

c) association

2 What do you do if the person is unconscious ?

a) Perform CPR on them

b) Place them on their front

c) Place them in the recovery position

d) Place them on their back

3 What does CPR stand for ?

a) cardiac pulmonary reanimation

b) cardio-pulmonary resuscitation

c) cardio pulmonary reanimation

4 What temperature should you apply for bruises ?

a) Apply heat to the area

b) Apply cool to the area

5 How do you treat a minor burn ?

a) Use adhesive dressing

b) Strap the burn

c) Apply cream to the area

d) Break any blister

e) Flood the area with cold water

6 How can you help bleeding of minor wound ?

a) Use pressure and elevation

b) Cut the blood flow to the area

c) Let the area bleed to get rid of any potential dirt

7 What do you do if a person is choking ?

a) Stand the person upside down to clear the blockage

b) Remove any obstruction from the mouth

c) Make them vomit

8 What causes fainting ?

a) A reduction of blood to the heart

b) A reduction of blood to the lungs

c) A reduction of blood to the brain

9 What causes heat exhaustion ?

a) Loss of salt and water from the body

b) Loss of minerals and vitamins from the body

c) Loss of protein from the body

10 What should first be done in case of a fracture ?

a) Offer a drink of water to re-hydrate

b) Prevent movement to the area and support the area

c) Offer some food to prevent loss of energy

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