Is This Blood
Type Diet Any Good?

In 1996, the blood type diet book was published under the title "Eat Right for Your (blood) Type". Author Dr. Peter D’Adamo.

According to this book, as I am O+ blood type, I should be eating animal food.  I am supposedly a member of the oldest blood type club and a “hunter”.

Type A blood group are Agrarian! They should eat mainly vegetarian food.
Type B is “nomad” and they should thrive on dairy!!!

Type AB are not worked out properly.

Wow, how on earth did Dr. D’Adamo work this out? He surely made $ millions selling his books but how good is this information?

My Cancer, My Diet

After my Liver and Large Intestines Cancer diagnosis in July 1991, I went on a strict Macrobiotic diet.

Amongst other restrictions, this consisted of strictly NO animal food.

This was in complete opposite to the advice given in the Dr. D’Adamo's book, however I am still alive and well today.

My Cancer Clients

Since finishing my Macrobiotic studies in 1993, I have guided hundreds of Cancer patients back towards health with my teaching, consultations and on the internet.

Not once, do I remember ever advising any of them to go on a Meat diet. Many must have been O+ blood type.

Many of these clients have survived their cancer, so what is this nonsense about a blood type diet?

Blood cells carry oxygen in hemoglobin molecules for respiration. That is all they do. They have strictly nothing to do with metabolism or digestion.

Scientists Investigate

 In January 2014, scientists at the University of Toronto, Canada published the results of a study involving 1,500 adults. They wanted to test the efficacy of this Blood type diet.

Forms where filled; blood samples were taken; blood sugar levels were recorded etc...

These people were then asked to follow a strict blood type diet. They were monitored to see if there were any changes.

The lead researcher Dr. Ahmed El-Sohemy reported:

“The way an individual responds to any one of these diets has absolutely nothing to do with their blood type and has everything to do with their ability to stick to a sensible, vegetarian or low-carbohydrate diet. It was an intriguing hypothesis so we felt we should put it to the test. We can now be confident in saying that the blood type diet hypothesis is false”

I am so pleased at this conclusion as this Blood type fad diet never made any sense to me.

Dr. Atkins Diet.. Another Rubbish Diet

Dr. Atkins lived October 17, 1930 – April 17, 2003.

Whilst writing about fad diets, I cannot resist commenting on Dr Atkins diet.

Dr Atkins was a cardiologist (heart specialist). He developed a diet that advised on high protein and fat intake (animal food). He followed this diet himself.

In 2000, Dr. Atkins was diagnosed with Cardiomyopathy (diseases of heart muscle marked especially by hypertrophy and obstructive damage to the heart ).

He died from Cardiac arrest!

Wow! How much money did he make with his theory? Was this a Karmic punishment for all the health problems he started?

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