Brain Tumor + Many Aches And Pains

by Unyong Kim

Unyong and Mama

Unyong and Mama

"My mother accompanied me when I told her that I wanted to go to the Philippines for special energy healing over a week's time. We were both familiar with "psychic surgery" or "barehand healing" from an experience we had had 25 years previously that had made quite an impression on us.

Though we were new to Laurence Cacteng and Patrick Hamouy, my confidence in them was based on Patrick's extensive study of this mode of healing, his own dramatic healing journey, and that he had vetted Laurence as one of a very few healers of this kind whom he knew to be genuine and trustworthy.

After less than a week of treatments, my mother and I both found ourselves moving parts of our bodies, searching for the aches and pains that Laurence had treated, but that we had nursed over months and in some cases, years. These aches and pains had disappeared.

The impetus for the trip was the discovery of a large, slow-growing tumor in my brain. Though there had been no perceptible signs to verify this, nonetheless, I was relieved to hear Laurence say that the tumor growth had stopped and that the rest was up to my eating correctly and sustaining the healing process.

Patrick's lectures on nutrition, stress, and environmental contributors reinforced Laurence's guidance at the end of the week, for a protocol of herbs to continue the healing process. I left feeling that it was privilege to have connected with such a powerful, and humble healer as Laurence, such a knowledgeable and committed health educator as Patrick, and that they established a healing partnership with us as patients to help such healing to continue.

We thought of many people whom we wished were with us that week, and we were already talking about a future trip,-- who knows,-- possibly with them.

Many thanks, Laurence and Patrick!

Unyong from USA"

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Be good..
by: Patrick

Be good with your diet as per my recommendations during the 4 lectures and you'll be OK

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