Breast Cancer Celebrity: Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie had both her breasts removed

Angelina Jolie is the breast cancer celebrity that shocked me most.

In May 2013, she chose to have both her breasts removed to prevent a possible cancer!

She had the operation after being told she had the genes that gave her the greatest risk of developing breast and ovarian cancers.

Will Breast Cancer Celebrity Angelina Jolie Now Be Protected From Cancer?

She "may" now be protected from breast cancer but not from cancer.

BUY, if she breaks the rules I explain in this website about a good diet, positive emotions, healthy lifestyle, clean home environment, removal of toxic metals such as mercury and other deadly metals, plastics, radiation, chlorine, fluoride, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, cleaning solvent, etc… from your body... She will not be protected from cancer. 

Our body is very clever when dealing with toxins from the above causes. It creates its dustbin: a tumour.

If it cannot create a dustbin in the breasts, it will just create it somewhere else in the body - maybe in the liver, the lungs or elsewhere.

Nevertheless, it needs to create it to contain these toxins.

Would Her Genes Have Caused Cancer?

The expression of your genes is pretty much lifestyle controlled. What you do daily has a great influence on how your genes behave.

If you follow the recommendations in my e-book or in my consultation thanks to Archangel Raziel, there is a good chance that you will not generate the toxins that create tumours.

Other Breast Cancer Celebrities

Kylie MinogueKylie Minogue, another breast cancer celebrity

Kylie Minogue, another breast cancer celebrity.

And a few more:

  • Sheryl Crow - Country music singer
  • Cynthia Nixon - Sex and the City star
  • Olivia Newton John - Grease star film actress and singer
  • Jacklyn Smith - Charlie’s Angel actress
  • Nancy Reagan - Wife of former president Ronald Reagan
  • And the list goes on.

Silicon Implant Problems According To The Food & Drug Administration

Here follows a list of some potential problems associated with breast implant.

  • Breast pain
  • Calcium build-up in breast tissue, also called “calcification”
  • Deflation of the breast implant—when filler material leaks from the breast implant often due to a valve leak or a tear or cut in the implant shell
  • Hardening of the breast area around the implant
  • Chest wall deformity
  • Delayed wound healing
  • Extrusion—when the skin breaks down and the implant appears through the skin
  • Implant wrinkling or rippling 
  • Rupture of the breast implant— when there is a tear or hole in the implant’s outer shell

if you suffer from breast cancer

Allow Patrick to help you

Trying to find out on your own what you should eat, how to remove existing toxins from your body, and heal your disease will take you months. You will need to read many books, articles, postings on the web, etc… Some advice you read will be wrong, contradictory,  and hurt your health.

Don't try to save a small amount of money; it is not worth it. It could cost you your life. I can help you.

A very affordable option

A large portion of my female customers since I started practising in 1993 suffered from breast cancer.

Recently, I have combined all my consultations notes on breast cancer into one document. I am now offering this very comprehensive report at the much-reduced price mentioned.

Everything you need to know to get rid of your breast cancer is documented. No unnecessary chitchat. The information supplied is 100% focused on helping you beat your cancer.

Breast Cancer

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Breast cancer

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