Breast Cancer Mammogram

Breast Cancer MammogramBreast Cancer Mammogram

A breast cancer mammogram at present is the standard method promoted by doctors when a woman patient has a suspicious lump in her breast.

Mammograms are unreliable and unsafe. Is there a better and more accurate way to test your breast?

Read on and find out..

Mammograms Are Unsafe

A breast cancer mammogram increases your risk of breast cancer due to the radiation and the forceful compression of the breast tissues.

One mammogram exposes you to the same radiation as 1,000 chest x-rays.

This is very dangerous as Dr. Samuel Epstein points out:

"The premenopausal breast is highly sensitive to radiation, each 1 rad exposure increasing breast cancer risk by about 1 percent, with a cumulative 10 percent increased risk for each breast over a decade's screening."

Furthermore, there is a danger that the forceful compression exercised during the breast cancer mammogram will break a tumor and spread the cancerous cells around the body.

Breast Cancer Mammograms Are Inaccurate

An amazing 90% of what a mammogram diagnoses as “abnormal” is not abnormal. These are call false positives.

The sad story is that mammograms also miss 17% of cancerous tumors!

According to Dr. Joseph Mercola “Mammograms appear to have reduced breast cancer mortality rates by only 0.4 deaths per 1,000 women. Such a small amount that it may as well be zero.”

In his book “Timeless Secrets of Health & Rejuvenation” Andreas Moritz states:

“Only between 1 and 10 out of 100 positive mammography tests are truly positive, which means that there is a 90%-99% chance that a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer but does not have it”.

A Canadian study that lasted 25 years reported that there is no difference on death rates between women who have regular breast cancer mammogram and those who simply use physical examination.

Burton Goldberg Author and Lecturer

Burton Goldberg
Author and Lecturer

"... radiation causes cancer. Mammograms cause cancer. We know that. Medical research, the medical journals prove it and yet they still do it."


A biopsy consists in piercing the breast lump with a fine syringe, and analyzing  the liquid to confirm whether or not it is cancerous.

The problem piercing a breast  lump is that should it be cancerous, some of the liquid in the tumor may disperse and spread the cancer to other parts of the body.

Thermography Scans Are More Accurate Than Mammograms

The cancer lump shows red on this imageThe cancer lump shows red on this image

They are painless, more accurate and much cheaper than mammograms.

There is no harmful compression of the breast and no radiation.

Thermography works using an infrared camera to graphically show skin temperature.

On the image generated, different degrees of heat are shown in nonidentical colors.

The increase growth of blood vessels feeding the tumor appears in red on this picture.

Thermography scanning can detect tumors earlier than mammograms.

The American Journal of Surgery published a study in 2008 when 58 out of 60 women were properly identified as having cancer using thermography.

This is a 97% accuracy, and it compares extremely favorably with mammograms and all their numerous false positive.

A one to one consultation to cure your breast cancer

For breast cancer to develop, there must be 2 conditions.

  1. You have the Epstein Barr virus present in your body (EBV)
  2. EBV is feeding on the toxins from your diet, and from mercury, lead, copper, arsenic, aluminum, nickel, cadmium and other deadly metals present in your body. These are impossible to avoid as they are in the air we breathe, and in the food we eat.
    It also feeds on the plastics, radiation, chlorine, fluoride, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, cleaning solvent, etc.. that you have internally accumulated over the years.
    These toxins are present in our environment and impossible to avoid, but not impossible to remove if you know the special vegetables, fruits, herbs, spices, wild food, and supplements to use.

In the consultation offered below, I can guide you to a new diet that will fight your breast cancer, tell you how to remove all the above toxins, and how to neutralize your Epstein Barr virus. 

What Is Needed For The Consultation with Patrick?

  1. An Internet connection so we can talk & see each other using either the free WhatsApp (on your cell phone), or Skype (on your computer) communication system, or Messenger (from Facebook). .
  2. During the consultation, I can see you on my screen and you can see me on yours as if we were seating next to each other. 
  3. This means that I can give you a comprehensive one to one consultation wherever you are in the world.

The consultation will last about 2 hours face to face + about 3 hours for Patrick to tailor your recommendations prior to your chat.
You will get a full written report on what to do.

Three months support will be given afterwards.

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Recover your health with Patrick's guidance

If your breast cancer is stage 3 or 4

If your breast cancer is at an advanced stage, then you may need to come to see us and receive Psychic Surgery treatments from Psychic Surgeon Laurence Cacteng. Laurence has successfully helped numerous ladies recover from breast cancer. 

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Group Trips - This is the one I would recommend as it is cheaper. It includes hotel accommodation near the healer, standard hotel breakfast, lunch, return transport Manila to near the healer (about 5 to 6 hours each way). I stay with you for the whole week and give three lectures to explain "why you got sick and what to do to recover long term health".

There is no point receiving powerful healing from Laurence if you go back to your country and carry on making the same mistakes that caused your disease in the first place. The disease would come back (logical).

Individual Trips - Choose your own date and receive healing.

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