Brigitte B.

by Brigitte B.

What I can say for good is that the stay and the treatments with Jun Labo had an extremely good impact on my health.

I feel much much better physically and mentally. I have lost all my anxiety and worries that I carried with me since my childhood and I have a complete different outlook at so many things in life.

It seems as if Jun has removed not only so many blot clots and tissues but also obstacles and other mental blockages being around for years.

The second thing that I can say and which is as well more than amazing, I do not have my stomach problems which I had for years and for which I run from one doctor to the other, everything is gone. Unbelievable but true.....

It was very impressing as the whole trip anyway, you have no idea how my health improved. As I told you all my fears and anxiety from childhood are gone, no more sadness either. My eating habits have changed....

I would very much to come again to the Philippines for the healing sessions with Jun. I think it could do me only good if I repeated a holiday as the last one.

My sister is having her holiday prepared since she wants to come. There is a friend of us who is also interested in joining us.

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