To Cure a Disease, Remove its Causes


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Is lyme disease a virus

Is lyme disease a virus? Find out the truth and recover long term health without the use of antibiotics or inefficienrt medecine

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The truth about Autoimmune diseases

Autoimmune Diseases - Is the body really attacking itself? Find out the truth..

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How does breast cancer start

How does breast cancer start is one of the most common question asked

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How does rheumatoid arthritis start

How does rheumatoid arthritis start? What it really is and how to eliminate this crippling condition using natural foods, herbs and supplements

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To Cure a Disease, Remove its Causes

No need to be sick. There are numerous methods to gently heal you.

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True cause of fibroids

What is the true cause of fibroids, and what to do to get rid of this condition. Find out..

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Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia can lead to prostate cancer and must be treated seriously. Modern medicine cannot help you. Try a more natural approach..

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