Cleansing Enema

Cleansing Enema Explained

The enema mixture that you will let flow in your anus consists of water at body temperature mixed with some other natural ingredients such as coffee, Epsom salt, Chamomile, etc...

The enema mix will be contained in one of the special enema equipment illustrated below.

The result will be the cleansing of your sigmoid, descending colon and rectum.

Coffee enemas will also have a detoxifying effect on the Liver. 

Why Do a Cleansing Enema?


"Some Health Experts say that 90% of all Sicknesses 
and Diseases are related to an Unclean Colon!"

Our Colon Under Attack

Our digestive tract is under many attacks. Food nowadays is routinely sprayed with pesticides and fertilizers. Packaged food is saturated with colouring, preservatives, flavouring, sugar, hydrogenated oil, etc...

Our colon dislikes this mixture and sooner or later it complains by giving us symptoms. These symptoms may be Irritable Bowel Syndromes (IBS), cramps or at their worst tumours and eventually Cancer.

According to Dr. Bernard Jensen who has helped thousands of patients:

"Over 95% of people he saw in his consultations were constipated". 

You certainly do not want to join them.

One person in three gets cancer nowadays. Modern medicine, willingly or not,  does not cure cancer.

Our intestines can store up to 25 pounds of waste material. Actor John Wayne was autopsied after he died, and the opening in his large intestines was only the size of a pen. The rest was a plaque of putrefying, undigested faeces material.

When the intestines are coated with this "mucoid plaque", it is impossible for them to perform properly. Liquids that are absorbed through these are saturated with faeces material that then circulates through our blood stream irrigating our brain, liver, kidneys, heart, etc…

Yuck! What a recipe for disaster!

Don't worry though a cleansing enema will remove some of this mess.

Enema Supplies

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At least, one of the following enema buckets will be needed if you intend to give yourself a cleansing enema:

This enema bucket is similar to the one I use in my practice.

It can contain two quarts (900 mills).

I like it as it is very sturdy. You do not need to make a hole in your wall to hang it. It can sit on a table near you.

The tubing is medical grade and strong.

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I use these disposable enema bags when I travel.

They do not take much space in a suitcase and so cheap that you do not have to worry about cleaning them or bringing them back.

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This is the standard enema cleansing equipment used by millions throughout the world.

It is strong and last a long time.

You must suspend it about 15 to 17" (40-50 cm) above you when receiving an enema.

Tubing, metal hook to hang and catheter all come part of the kit.

Get Comfortable  to Receive Your Cleansing Enema

Enema position to receive a coffee enema

It is important to be comfortable during your enema. The room must be warm enough and as the enema lasts 15 to 20 minutes, you may like to keep busy by:

  • listening to your favourite music
  • read a book
  • catch up with your emails
  • Watch TV
  • etc...

I suggest lying on a Yoga mat when receiving this treatment. 

During the enema, I lie on my right side in a slightly curled up position.

Prepare Your Room

  • You may want to lie on a Yoga mat or something soft on the floor when doing your cleansing enema.
  • If the room is not warm enough, you may need a blanket.
  • A couple of pillows to support your head.
  • A roll of toilet paper in case of spillage.
  • Your complete enema equipment as described above.
  • Somewhere to rest or hang your enema kit about 15 to 17" (40 to 50 cm) above you.

Make sure that you open your Liver by eating something before your coffee enema.

Receiving the Enema

The following has been extracted from my "Enema Handbook":

  • In a clean enema bucket, add the “Enema mixture” (the mixture is the enema recipe) 
  • Make sure the mixture is at body temperature (100-102 Fahrenheit or 37-38 Celsius) 
  • Open the tube and run a some liquid to get rid of the residual air
  • Close the tube again 
  • Go to the place where you are going to receive the enema

Coffee Enema

  1. Heat up 1 litre of water (2 quarts).
  2. Add 3 tablespoons of organic coffee.
  3. Let it boil on low flame for 5 minutes uncovered.
  4. Cover and simmer for a further 15 minutes.
  5. Turn off gas.
  6. Add some cold water to your enema bucket so you don't melt it and pour the mixture in it.
  7. Adjust the mixture to your body temperature by adding some colder water if needed. 
  8. Place the bucket 15 to 17" (40-50 cm) above you 
  9. For coffee enemas, it is best to lie on your right side to help the absorption of the enema mixture through the haemorrhoidal and portal veins.
  10. However, it is also fine to lie on the left side or on your front. Whatever position feels comfortable.
  11.  Slightly bend your knees towards your abdomen.
  12.  Insert about 2 to 3" (5 to 8 cm) of the tube into your rectum. It is important not to insert too much of the tube as otherwise, you may damage the fine membranes in your rectum or sigmoid colon.
  13. Open the tube and let the “enema mixture” flow in 
  14. Keep the tube open and connected to the bucket during the treatment.
  15. Whilst the mixture is in your intestines, you may feel some pressure and gas. An open tube will allow this pressure to be released. 
  16. The bucket should empty in about 2-3 minutes unless your sigmoid colon is partly blocked.
  17. Retain the enema for a further 15 - 20 minutes.
  18. Go to the toilet and excrete the mixture.
  19. Keep your equipment clean. Wash it after each use with a good biodegradable product such as Ecover washing up liquid.
  20. Use a 6% hydrogen peroxide solution to spotlessly the equipment.

Coffee Enema Benefits


This is probably the best known of all enemas and maybe one of the best. It:

  • cleans the Liver and Gallbladder
  • helps red blood cells form
  • flushes deposits from the rectum, sigmoid and descending colon
  • helps peristalsis (movement of food in the intestines)
  • helps cancer patients (according to Dr Max Gerson)
  • helps control pains

What Else To Do..

Enemas on their own are not enough if you are unwell. You must also be careful with the food you eat, minimize negative emotions / stress, remove toxic products from your home environment and also work on your lifestyle.

Making all these changes has allowed me to still be alive many years after a cancer diagnosis of liver and large intestines.

Should you need precise advice on what to do, please check my Complete Health Consultation.

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