by C.M

Having healed himself of a life-threatening disease, Patrick is extremely passionate about conveying these same benefits to those who come to see Laurence Cacteng for healing.

Patrick points out that we cannot expect to get healthy by continuing to make the same mistakes that made us sick in the first place. Over decades of extensive research Patrick ha accumulated a wealth of knowledge about diet and other factors that contribute to health or sickness and convincingly and with great clarity conveys them in his four lectures that accompany his psychic surgery group trip.

Whether one is new to the concept of a healthy diet or whether one has worked on this area already for a long time, one is bound to learn a lot. Moreover, Patrick with deep insight addresses the specific health concerns of individual clients, giving valuable suggestions on how to come to grip with them most effectively.

All this is done with great care and empathy and in a spirit of joy and laughter. This same care pervades all details of organizing the trip to be a most smooth, transformative experience for all participants. From start to finish one feels safe and in good hands. Thank you, Patrick.

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