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On our first day of treatments Laurence greeted us outside his home / practice. It felt like a great blessing to be in the presence of such purity, kindness and silent simplicity.. Later, during the discussion of individual health concerns, I found him picking up on fine details I had not mentioned, asking pertinent questions on them.

The first treatment was perhaps the most striking experience. Normally Laurence treats patients’ front side in the morning and their back in the afternoon. On my first day he inverted this sequence and started with my back. For completeness’ sake I had mentioned a displaced atlas since birth. Laurence immediately went to an area in my upper back that an osteopath years ago had identified as a problem, though I had never been very aware of that. Then came the lower back, then the neck and some other areas. When I got up I felt a bit dazed: quite obviously a major transformation had just taken place! In the afternoon Laurence asked how my back felt: fine. In later days I realized that my spine was actually straight. Prior chiropractic treatments had managed to accomplish this briefly for some days, accompanied by aches and pains, and quickly my body had reverted to the old pattern. Now this new straightness feels much more natural and normal.

In treating the front side of my body, Laurence first went to my lower abdomen, clearing out from it some impurities. Then he went to the area of the solar plexus, and I felt how he cleared out not only physical but also deep-seated emotional debris. This was such a relief! The heart area and thyroid region got their share of attention, and each time I felt that something basic had been set right. Over the coming days he also attended to some areas of my head. An additional boon was my left knee that had not been happy for some time, but which I had not mentioned at all. It now feels much better.

I made an interesting observation: The day after my first solar plexus treatment I gave in to some feelings of sadness etc. Immediately I noticed the same block re-appearing in my solar plexus that Laurence had removed the day before. It was revealing to observe how I myself was creating and re-creating the blocks I was seeking to rid myself of. Of course Laurence again attended to this area in a subsequent treatment. For me this event was a good lesson.

I also realized that the needs of one’s body may cause Laurence first to work on some areas OTHER than the ones one is seeking help for. The whole body is one interconnected whole, and some basics may have to be attended to before certain specifics can be addressed.

As my 10 treatments approached completion I felt (and Laurence confirmed) that some additional treatments would be helpful in order to come to grips with the main health concerns that had led me to the Philippines. But for organizational reasons that was not feasible for me at this time. So this may have to wait for the future. Meanwhile i can continue working on my health from the level of my consciousness plus incorporate the valuable advice given by Patrick during his 4 lectures.

On the whole I do feel renewed, and I feel very blessed and grateful to have been given this precious experience.

Even just meeting Laurence Cacteng is a profoundly moving experience and honour, let alone being so fortunate to benefit from his treatments. Laurence is a very pure soul, who has dedicated his whole life to healing, and he considers the healings the work of Jesus. This is the basis of his extraordinary humility, simplicity, sincerity, coupled with quiet authority.

Laurence is very caring and attentive to every patient. During treatments a high level of energy can be felt. Laurence knows exactly where in a patient’s body to go to effect purification. Sometimes other areas in addition to the ones the patient may have mentioned are addressed and healed, what a pleasant surprise! Laurence focuses on restoring a smooth flow in the connections between different areas of the body (via nervous, lymphatic and circulatory systems), so that the body may rid itself of its imbalances.

After a healing session one arises, feeling refreshed and renewed from within. The process of purification and balancing continues afterwards, between sessions, and also when one has completed one’s series of treatments. This is a most precious, life-transforming experience. And hearing from or meeting people who have recovered from life-threatening diseases makes it all the more precious. A big Thank You to Laurence and the tradition from which he comes. May it continue.

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