Corinne B

by Corinne B

My amazing journey into the world of bare hand surgery began in August 2004 when on a trip to the Philippines with Patrick I was first diagnosed with breast cancer by Jun Labo at the age of 40 at his clinic in Baguio.

In December 2004 Jun eventually diagnosed that the cancer had also moved to my Liver thus making my condition a “terminal Cancer” and according to modern medicine I had only 6-8 months to live.

Jun is the most wonderful and powerful healer I have ever met. He removed cancerous tumours from both my breasts and Liver and together with Patrick, who helped me regain health and vitality by suggesting (big!) changes to my diet and lifestyle, I can honestly say they both saved my life and I am so grateful to both of them.

I still go to the Philippines for check-ups and peace of mind. I have followed Patrick’s dietary advice and have excluded the food he told me caused my condition and I have tried to minimise the use of chemicals in my home.

I have to confess that, although finding it a challenging and difficult task to begin with, I have never looked back and I feel well and more energetic than ever before.

I have had many operations myself and have witnessed probably hundreds over the years. Each time, you see something new and extraordinary. There is blood but no pain as the surgeon “opens” the patient’s body with his hands.

Tumours and various tissues are removed whilst the person is conscious and sometimes even a conversation takes place during the procedure!

It is incredible and may be hard to believe but it is all genuine and this has been by far, the most fantastic experience of my life….

I feel so privileged to have been introduced to the Philippines, Patrick and Jun Labo.

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Still alive and well as of December 2016
by: Patrick

I met with Corinne again in December 2016 and she was still alive and well. No sign of any recurring tumors.

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