Diagnosing Prostate Cancer

The Oriental Diagnosis Way

My studies of Oriental Diagnosis have taught me that a redness on the tip of the chin may indicate prostate problems for a man, and uterus problems for a woman.

Recurring pimples, or constantly irritated area, on this part of the chin may indicate cysts or tumors.

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the modern medicine approaches

Prostate Cancer

1- Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) Test

Prostate specific antigen is a protein thought to be produced in the prostate. PSA numbers rise when an inflammation is present in this sex gland. It is considered that a score above 10 may indicate prostate cancer. 

This test is highly inaccurate as it only finds inflammation in the body. If the test is positive, your doctor will assume that you have Prostate problems. This need not be true, the inflammation may be in your liver or another organ.

A simple and harmless way to reduce your PSA is to drink a pure celery juice first thing in the morning half an hour before any other foods or drinks. Within a few days, you will see a reduction in your PSA numbers.

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2- Uroflow Meter

Uroflow Meter

This instrument tests the strength of your urine flow and help  determine how blocked your urethra is. The urethra is the tube that come out of the bladder and allows urine to flow out of the body.

You don't need this instrument to tell you if your urine flow is slow. You will see when you pee.

A uroflow meter is also used to measure progress as a treatment progresses.

The uroflow on this picture come from Chengdu Wearnes UEST New Tech Co.

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3- Express Prostatic Secretion TEST (EPS)

Prostate Cancer
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If pressure is applied on the prostate during a digital rectal examination (see below), some fluid will flow from the tip of the penis.

This fluid can then be examined under the microscope, and if five or more white blood cells are found per high-powered field it is considered that an infection is present.

As I have explained below, fighting an infection in the prostate will not reduce its size or fight a cancer. The real cause of the swelling is ignored.

5- Diagnosing Prostate Cancer with a Digital Rectal Exam (DRE)

Digital Rectal Exam (DRE)

In this examination, your doctor will insert a lubricated gloved finger in your anus to check if your prostate is swollen.

Tumors can sometimes be spotted using this method as they feel hard.

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6- Sonogram Examination

A sonogram is used to check the health of the prostate. The following definition comes from John Hopkins Medicine:

A prostate/rectal sonogram uses a handheld probe called a transducer that sends out ultrasonic sound waves at a frequency too high to be heard.

These ultrasonic sound waves move through the body tissues to organs and structures within the body. The sound waves bounce off the organs like an echo and return to the transducer.

The transducer picks up the reflected waves, which are then converted into an electronic picture of the organs.

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Prevent your prostate problems from turning cancerous

Prostate cancer is now the number two killer for men just after lung cancer. If you believe that you have prostate problems, act quickly.

Prostate swelling or prostate cancer are caused by the Epstein Barr virus and toxins in the body from a bad diet, and from our highly toxic environment. 

Modern medicine is currently spending $billions into genetic medicine, and accuses "autoimmune" to explain our health problems. This will not help us. Many years from now, the money will eventually will be spent on viruses, but will we still be alive when they get to it?

Patrick cured himself of liver and colon cancers diagnosed back in July 1991. He is extremely familiar with helping customers with cancer, autoimmune diseases, and organ failure. He can well help you recover health. See his background here.

Trying to find out on your own what you should eat, how to remove existing toxins from your body, and heal your disease will take you months. You will need to read many books, articles, postings on the web, etc… Some advice you read will be wrong, contradictory,  and have an adverse effect on your health.

Don't try to save a small amount of money, it is not worth it. It could cost you your life. I can help you.

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