I am not a trained medical specialist.

My experience with the therapies mentioned on this website are the results of:

  • my training in each of the therapies
  • my own illnesses
  • the numerous courses I attended on health matters
  • my training as a Macrobiotic Consultant
  • reading hundreds of books on health matters
  • and learning from my Clients. 

If you suffer from a medical condition, I recommend that you seek the help of your professional health care provider.

The advice and claims I make in these web pages are not approved by any medical authority and should you decide to practice some of the therapies I advise on, you will do so at your own risk.

No warranty or guarantee of a cure is expressed or implied with any information given. I do not make any representations regarding the use or the results obtained with the information.

In no event shall I be held liable to any person or individual for any loss or damage whatsoever, which may arise from the use of the information provided on the various therapies.

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