Ellen Albrecht

by Ellen Albrecht
(Fort Bragg, Can. USy)

I went to Manila in February of 1975. I had 19 openings made on my spine which had deteriorating osteoarthritis
Our group stayed at the Bayview hotel in Manila. We went to the 7th floor every morning at 9 and had our treatment at which time we were told not to drink water for at least an hour, didn't want to disperse the energy, and to go back and lay down and take a rest. I took a second visit the following year and made an afternoon rounds with a man they called The Bone man. I saw spectacular things, one woman even had all the rotten teeth in her mouth removed in the morning, fitted for dentures in the afternoon, and wore them to dinner that night. No blood. The same woman had the curvature in her back straightened and it left her crying saying I've never stood up straight in my life. we had a spiritual mentor while we were there, Mr. Joaquin Cunanan, whose biggest lesson was,"it's not good enough to stop saying bad things, you can't think them either, or I guarantee within six months half of you will have lost your healing". I was 31 I am now 75 and I don't have a trouble with my back.

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