Emotional Freedom Technique

Patrick Your Helper for EFT

This web page explains what Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is.

It tells you what EFT can and cannot do and how to use it.

It explains the consultation I offer to people from all over the world using the free Skype or WhatsApp communication system.

Numerous customers from many countries have benefited from my online consultation. Read what they achieved at the bottom of this page.

Emotional Freedom Technique is sometimes referred to as Emotional Freedom Therapy. It is commonly abbreviated to EFT.

Book a Full 2 Hour EFT Consultation €195Emotional Freedom Consultation with Patrick - $99

Emotional Freedom Technique Explained

Simply described:

EFT is a system based on taping certain acupressure points and simultaneously repeating a sentence to address the problem you wish to get rid of.

Emotional Freedom Technique gets rid of the negative emotional problems that can affect your health.

Problems Emotional Freedom Technique Have Addressed

Freedom that allows you to blossom and rise above whatever hidden hurdles keep you from performing to your capacity.

  • Freedom from years of self-doubt...or call reluctance...or grief over the loss of a loved one...or anger...or negative memories involving rape or other forms of abuse.
  • Freedom to earn that greater income, make those business calls, start that new business, improve your golf score, lose that weight, approach people with ease or become a public speaker, singer or comedian.
  • Freedom from the anxiety that causes you to take those pills, drink that alcohol, smoke those cigarettes or raid that refrigerator.
  • Freedom from physical problems, pains, impaired mobility...

Learning Emotional Freedom Technique

 EFT is easy to learn, and I can teach it to you, wherever you are in the world, using the Skype communication system during my Consultation.

  • There is no long, drawn out, "tell me your life story" feature to EFT.
  • There are no pills.
  • There is no painfully reliving past traumatic events.
  • It doesn't take months or years.
  • It takes a fraction of the usual time and is often done in minutes.

With my guidance, you will simply get beyond your emotional luggage, usually permanently, and go about your life more effectively.

EFT is based on the discovery that imbalances in the body's energy system have profound effects on one's personal psychology.

Correcting these imbalances is done by tapping on certain body locations. It often leads to rapid remedies.

Memorizing the mechanics of EFT is easy. Applying it is almost as easy and you can become proficient with the mechanics after our first consultation.

Furthermore, you will be provided with a manual that explains the whole sequence and principles for Emotional Freedom Technique.

By using EFT in your daily life, you will be able to work on some severe emotional problems and watch them melt away.

A life of Emotional Freedom and discovery awaits you. Applied correctly, EFT will change your life forever.

Your Consultation will Work This Way

Face to Face Communicatin with Skype

We will use the free Skype, WhatsApp, or Messenger system to talk to each other.

No charge for you or me for the communication.

Our computer's webcam will allow you to see me and me to see you.

It is very similar to you and I being in a room face to face.

Book a Consultation With Patrick Now

Book a Full 2 Hour EFT Consultation €195Emotional Freedom Consultation with Patrick - $99

First Consultation:

I allow a couple of hours for your first consultation as some time will be spent teaching you the sequence and the principles behind Emotional Freedom Technique.

Should the consultation run over the two hours, do not worry, we will carry on until your treatment is finished.

Furthermore, I will give you FREE unlimited email support for a period of 12 months after the consultation.

Subsequent Consultations:

Once you know the sequence and the principles of EFT, the consultation will only last about one hour and only cost $60. Don't worry if it takes a bit longer, I will not charge you extra. I am genuinely interested in you benefiting from the consultation.

What Customers Achieved

Carol K had a fear of public singing and hitting the wrong note - After the Emotional Freedom Technique treatment, she sang in front of 10 people without any fear.

Ken B had a pain in his back for 6 years after a bad landing on a trampoline - After the EFT treatment, the pain was gone for the first time in 6 years.

Lesley G fixed a problem with her ankle and a pain in her back.

Sylvia B could only manage to bend down to just below her knee because of a stiff back. After using EFT, she could bend down and touch the floor.

Zen A had an addiction to Coffee - After the EFT treatment, she reported refusing all coffee offered by her sister who kept tantalizing her with offers of hot coffee and moving the cup viciously under her nose.

Gail P had a fear of being in a group - This fear disappeared easily after the EFT treatment, and she relaxed. No fear was left.

Zarine A stopped biting her nails after the treatment.

Suki was claustrophobic (deep fear of confined spaces). I worked on her with EFT for about 30 minutes.

When she felt that her fear had gone, I asked her if she could go into a (completely dark) broom cupboard and stay there a few minutes (she had previously said that she would never do that).

She agreed and stayed a few minutes in the cupboard. She said she could have stayed much longer.

No fear - gone.

I wanted to thank you for personally introducing me to EFT.

I have a pinched nerve in my neck which occasionally results in severe pain in my right arm and hand, almost rendering it useless. The last episode was the worst and I found no relief through normal medication and methods for days that is, until your EFT.

Not only was I able to stop the pain immediately, when it recurred, I could totally control it!

Thanks! Debra A.

I used EFT to attempt to improve my golf score.

To my amazement and delight the immediate result, after three applications of the technique, was to lower my golf score by ten (10) strokes from mid nineties to mid or low eighties.

I am now, and have been since using your technique, staying consistently in the low eighties on most courses. I am now looking forward to similar results in the next application of your technique which I choose for myself.

Thank you for this interesting fun tool. Best Regards, Gray D

Many of my customers worked on food addictions. They believe they were successful.

One reported "feeling full" and not wanting any food.

Others felt they did not need sugar in their tea or coffee any longer.

Dominique G could not stand anybody touching her feet.

She has since received foot massage from several people.

Comments After Patrick's Course

Very interesting - really enjoyed myself. Well presented, shifted few onions (explained in the course).

Info delivered well with great enthusiasm, good sense of humour.

Very beneficial. Great therapy. Thank you - Patricia M

Excellent course delivered as always with humour.

Good results seen & experienced by myself - Debbie L

I am glad I attended the EFT course.

Can't believe it helped me unlock the emotional baggage & negativity of my X (husband).

I feel so much better, confident and happy because I've realized he was my past and I can get on with my life - Sukhi

I feel very positive with EFT. Very worthwhile for me. Didn't really know what to expect but it achieved what I hoped it would. Thank you again. - Marianne P

Pamela J - Thank you for the sense of humour throughout. It helps with learning.

I enjoyed the course although I cannot enjoy my food any more.

Seriously, it was most interesting.

Patrick Note: This lady suffered from compulsive eating disorder and EFT removed this problem.

Alison M - I take some convincing. You succeeded. Well done!

Very enjoyable many thanks again.

Dominique G - What a wonderful man?

Only sorry that the course has ended. The course was well-structured on both days. Questions were answered.

Susan G - Brilliant

The positive results of EFT are immediate and easily measured.

I recommend it - Malcolm P

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