Essential Oil Guide: Bergamot

Citrus bergamia - A delightful fresh citrus aroma liked by most. Most valuable for urinary infections, depression, anxiety and skin care.

Urinary infections: Helps treat Urethritis. This is a swelling and irritation (inflammation) of the urethra. The urethra is the tube that carries urine from the body.

Add a few drops to a bath or use as a local wash at 1% dilution.

Use for cystitis in the same way.

Depression and anxiety: Probably the most useful oil to treat those conditions.

Use it in aromatic massage, diffuse in the room (most effective as it lasts a long time) or in a bath.

Skin care: Good for treating skin infections, acne, oily skin...

To use, add a few drops of bergamot to an unscented facial cream  and gently massage it in the face.

Other uses:

  • Diffuse it in a room as an air freshener.
  • Diffuse it in the room to repel mosquitoes and other unwanted insects.
  • May be dabbed neat on cold sore.

Do not use when exposing yourself to the sun as you may get sunburn.

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Essential Oil Guide: Clary Sage

Salvia sclarea - Clary sage should be used instead of sage that has a high level of toxic thujone (a psychoactive producing sudden and involuntary muscle contractions).

Stress & tension: Clary sage is a very relaxing oil that can be used in the bath to help release the tensions of the day. It may also be diffused in the room. 

Muscles: A powerful muscle relaxant. Use in massage.

Asthma: Relaxes spasm in the bronchial tube and relaxes the person. Diffuse in the room.

Tension headaches: Good for letting go of the tension. Diffuse or cold compress on the forehead.

Digestive cramps: Gently massage the abdomen or apply a hot compress over the abdomen.

Scanty periods: Used to increase the blood flow by massaging over the abdomen in the first half of your cycle.

Aphrodisiac: You've been warned... Diffuse in the room.

Do not drive after using this oil as it causes drowsiness.

Essential Oil Guide: Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus globulus - Excellent oil to use for its decongestant effect when suffering from a cold, catarrh and chest congestion.

Cold - Catarrh:Diffuse it in the room to protect others from catching your cold or use it in a steam inhalation.

Eucalyptus essential oil will help shorten the duration of the cold, clear the sinuses and inhibits the proliferation of the virus.

Flu - Bronchitis: Use as described above.

Insect repellent: Diffuse it in the room.

Muscular pain and rheumatism: To help relieve those, dilute and massage the oil in the affected area.

Essential Oil Guide: Geranium

Pelargonium graveolens - This oil generates a delightful perfume which makes it ideal to use in skincare.

Skincare: Balances the production of sebum. Ideal for dry or oily skins. Mix it with a natural cream and massage on the face.

Bleeding: Stops bleeding and useful to treat non-life-threatening injuries.

Pre-menstrual tension: Massage the diluted oil on the abdomen when affected.

Fluid retention: Mix with a natural cream and massage on the part of the body retaining fluid (ankles?).

Antidepressant: Diffuse it in the room. Do not use too much.

Avoid using geranium late in the day as it may keep you awake.

Essential Oil Guide: Grapefruit

Citrus paradisi - Great oil for fluid retention and elimination of toxins from the body.

Fluid retention: Use it in massage to help with swollen ankles, cellulite and wherever fluid is not being expelled properly from the body.

Acne - Oily skin: Add it to a natural face cream and massage it on the face.

Antidepressant: Helps fight depression and lethargy. Diffuse it in the room.

Essential Oil Guide: Juniper

Juniperus Communis - One of the most powerful oil to detox the body. If you dislike the smell, mix it with one of the other oils mentioned on this page.


Detoxifying: Arguably the best oil to help the body throw off toxins. Use it in massage.

Eczema & psoriasis: Mix it with a natural cream and massage on the problem area. When treated this way, the skin will throw off toxins and the condition may appear worse. This is a good sign,  it means that it is working so continue the treatment.

Acne: Mix with a natural cream and massage on the face.

Cystitis: Add a few drops to a bath or use as a local wash at 1% dilution.

Urinary stones: Massage on mid to lower back. Consult your doctor.

Enlarged prostate: Diminishes the retention of urine in the bladder when the prostate is swollen. May be used in a bath or warm compress over the lower abdomen. Only use a few drops.

Leucorrhoea: This is a white vaginal discharge. May be used in a bath or warm compress over the lower abdomen. Only use a few drops.

Haemorrhoids: Use as a local wash at 1% dilution.

Infections: Good oil to use to protect from infections. Diffuse it in the room mixed with rosemary.

Rheumatism & arthritis: Helps alleviate the pain. Use it in a bath or massage it on the painful area.

Essential Oil Guide: Lavender

Lavendula Augustifolia - The most versatile of all essential oils. It is calming, soothing and balancing.

  • reduces pain
  • antidepressant
  • antiseptic
  • kills bacteria
  • lowers blood pressure
  • calms the nervous system
  • expels parasitic worms from the body
  • relieves nasal congestion
  • repels insects

Headaches: Massage in your temples (peppermint is also good for this). You may also apply a cold compress to your forehead.

Pains: Helps relieve most types of pains. Massage the area affected with marjoram.

Skin: Excellent for most skin conditions when applied diluted with carrier oils.

Emotions: Mood balancing. Nebulize it in the room.

Essential Oil Guide: Marjoram

Origanum majorana - Best oils to use when treating diseases of the chest.

Asthma: Use it in a steam inhalation. It will help clear the breathing difficulties.

Colds and bronchitis: Use it in a steam inhalation.

Muscles: Used on tired, aching muscles. incorporate it in a massage.

Insomnia: Used it in a bath before bedtime.

Relaxant - sedative: Used it in a bath.

High Blood Pressure: Marjoram will dilate the arteries so it will help treat this condition.

Rheumatism & arthritis: Use in a massage to help lessen the pain.

Menstrual cramps: Apply a hot compress over the abdomen. Very effective at removing the pain.

Digestion: Massaged over the abdomen, it will help strengthen the digestive process.

Essential Oil Guide: Neroli

Citrus aurantium - One of the best oils to use when in a state of anxiety.

Anxiety - Stress: Use it if feeling anxious, depressed or stressed.

A few drops in a bath - diffuse it in the room or treat yourself to a massage.

Insomnia: Use it in a bath just before bedtime.

Skin care: Suitable for all skin types. Promotes the growth of healthy new skin cells.

Menopause: Helps relieve menopausal symptoms of irritability and tearfulness.

Pregnancy: Neroli is one of the few oils that can safely be used during pregnancy.

Diarrhoea: Helps greatly when the condition results from nervous tension.

Pre-Menstrual Tension: Helps calm the symptoms.

Sexual difficulties: A very helpful oil to use when these stem from anxiety or tension.

Essential Oil Guide: Rosemary

Rosemarinus officilinasis - Because of its powerful antiseptic properties, rosemary used to be diffused in hospital in France till the 20th century. Diffuse it in your rooms to protect your family from infections.

Stimulant: can be diffused in the room when learning or working as it will help concentration and increase your memory.

Respiratory problems: Diffuse it in the room to reduce your colds, flu, catarrh, sinusitis and asthma.

Heart & Liver: Rosemary is an excellent tonic for both these organs.

Hair loss: Use it, diluted, after washing your hair. Used in many shampoos.

Arthritis & Rheumatism: Use in a massage to reduce the pain.

After exercise: Use it in a bath to relieve the pain of stiff muscles.

Do not use if you suffer from epilepsy.

Essential Oil Guide: Tea-Tree

Melaleuca Alternifolia - Most useful oil to help boost the immune system. It kills bacteria, fungi and viruses.

Tea Tree - Melaleuca AlternifoliaOrder Now
  • Colds, flu: diffuse in the room or take an aromatic bath. It will shorten the duration of the illness.
  • Cold sore: Dab it on the sore.
  • Verrucae: One drop on the verrucae and cover with a plaster. Repeat daily until gone.
  • Acne: Dab a drop on the pimple. It will help reduce its duration.
  • Ringworm: Dab a drop on the area. Repeat daily.
  • Athlete's foot: Dab on the area and repeat until gone.
  • Catarrh, Sinusitis: Diffuse or burn in the room. Steam inhalations are also good.
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