Essiac Cancer Remedy

Presiden KennedyPresident Kennedy

One of the foremost supporters of the Essiac Cancer Remedy was Dr. Charles A Brusch.

He was the personal physician for late President John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

In an open letter about Essiac, he stated:

“…Clinically, on patients suffering from pathologically proven cancer, it reduces pain and causes a recession in the growth; patients have gained weight and shown an improvement in their general health...

Remarkably beneficial results were obtained even on those cases at the 'end of the road' where it proved to prolong life and the quality of that life...The doctors do not say that essiac is a cure, but they do say it is of benefit.

"Dr Brusch eventually concluded:

"Essiac has merit in the treatment of cancer"

"I endorse this therapy even today for I have in fact cured my own cancer, the original site of which was the lower bowels, through Essiac alone."

Rene Caisse - Canadian Nurse

Rene Caisse - Canadian Nurse who discovered Essiac remedy to fight cancer

Rene Caisse used the Essiac Cancer Remedy to treat thousands of cancer patients. She operated from 1920 to 1978. She died aged ninety.

She would not accept fixed payment for her work, only voluntary contributions.

She helped cancer patients into full remission and documented the cases.

Numerous cancer patients were beyond modern medicine help. She still managed to assist them to a full recovery.

What Herbs Compose The Essiac Cancer Remedy?

Essiac Cancer Remedy is composed of a mixture of four different herbs that act together to heal the body.

It is to be noted that an argument exists as to whether Rene Caisse used four or eight herbs.

Several suppliers claim to use the eight herbs original formula. The problem is that apart from the four recognized herbs listed below, the other herbs they mention are different.

My advice is to get a good four herbs Essiac Cancer Remedy of Organic origin from a reputable supplier.

The four herbs Caisse used are:

1- Sheep Sorrel  (Rumex Acetosella)

Sheep Sorrel

This is the primary active herb in Essiac. Other names for Sheep Sorrel are field sorrel, dog eared sorrel, red top sorrel and sour grass.

This herb can be used in cooking or as an ingredient for flavoring. It grows happily on acidic soil.

It has been used for centuries to break down tumors.

It is rich in:

  • vitamins A, B complex, C,D,E,K P and U 
  • minerals such as Calcium, sodium, sulphur, magnesium, silicon, chlorine and iron. Traces of zinc, manganese, copper and iodine can also be found
  • chlorophyll and carotenoids. Chlorophyll helps carry oxygen in the body. It is a well known fact that tumours have problem surviving in the presence of well oxygenated blood.
  • citric, malic, oxalic, tartaric and tannic acids

Sheep sorrel has also been documented to possibly help with circulation and problems associated with the heart, intestines, liver, pancreas and lung functions. 

2- Burdock Root (Arctium Lappa)

Burdock Root

Burdock Root is also used in Macrobiotic cooking for strengthening the body and purifying the blood.

It is considered helpful for

  • respiratory
  • urinary
  • circulatory
  • lymphatic systems.
  • It helps the flow of bile and as such helps cleansing the liver and encourages the removal of toxins from the body. It has been shown to be helpful with conditions such as rheumatism, arthritis and sciatica. Burdock contains
  • vitamins A, B complex, C, E and P
  • Minerals are also abundant in the form of silicon, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, iron cobalt and chromium and in lesser quantity for selenium, calcium, copper, manganese and zinc. 
  • The main active ingredient of Burdock is Unulin, which helps clear and strengthens the pancreas, spleen and liver.

Burdock grows wild, and its roots are very tenacious. It is a member of the thistle family.

3- Slippery Elm Bark (Ulmus fulva)

Slippery Elm Bark

The inner bark of the Slippery Elm tree is the part used in this mixture.
It is rich in

  • vitamins A, B complex, C, K and P 
  • minerals such as calcium, selenium and in lesser quantity iron, silicon, zinc and phosphorous.

Herbalists have used Slippery Elm Bark for centuries to help remove toxins, heal and strengthen the body. Slippery Elm is renown to encourage fast healing. A very helpful herb to use.

4- Turkey Rhubarb Root

Turkey Rhubarb Root

Rene Caisse preferred the imported Chinese Rhubarb Root, as it is more potent.

Unfortunately, the irradiation of the Root by most importers to make it last longer has removed the beneficial properties of the plant and nowadays, organically grown local Turkey Rhubarb root is once again used.

Rhubarb is also renown to encourage the flow of bile in the intestines and by doing so helps cleanse the liver. By cleansing the liver, it helps improve the removal of toxins from the body and general health. Liver problems can also be helped.

Vitamin A, B complex, C and P are present in Rhubarb. 

Minerals include magnesium, manganese, potassium, phosphorous, silicon, sodium, zinc, sulphur, iron, iodine, copper, calcium and chlorine.

The Story Of The Essiac Cancer Remedy

Indians of Canada

The Ojibway Indians of Canada used the above mixture for their medicine. In 1923, a Canadian nurse Rene Caisse (the word Essiac is Caisse’s name backward) was intrigued when one of the patients at the clinic cured herself of terminal cancer using the above herb mixture.

The medicine man at the Ojibway tribe freely explained to her the ingredients used to “heal the body”.

With doctor’s approval, Rene started using the herbs on terminally ill patients with great success. Eventually, she carried on treating people from her home, living off donations, as she did not charge for her services.

Harassment From The Canadian Medical Establishment

The Canadian medical establishment got hold of the news and started many years of persecution and harassment to get her to stop what they considered “illegal practice of medicine”.

In 1930, the Canadian college of Physicians and Surgeons sent a warrant for the arrest of Rene Caisse.

The enforcer having found out that Rene did not charge for her services and worked with qualified doctors’ backed off. The warrant was never served.

A petition gathered 55,000 signature in favor of the use of the Essiac Cancer Remedy. The Canadian parliament legalized its use in 1938 after a vote. Had the vote gathered three more positive votes, Essiac would have been officially recognized as a treatment for Cancer thus saving millions of lives.

Rene carried on her work for 40 years until her death in 1978. Before her passing, she revealed the formula to several friends and to Dr Glum.

Doctor's Approval Of Essiac

Dr Charles A Brusch was already mentioned above.

Another fervent supporter of the Essiac Cancer Remedy was Dr Glum who wrote a book entitled “The calling of an Angel” (new page) in which he describes the wonderful work of Rene Caisse.

Dr Glum was also harassed by his government for freely spreading the information on Essiac.

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