Why are We so sick?

The Truth:

  1. More and more young and middle age people are sick with chronic diseases today
  2. We live in the most toxic environment ever 
  3. Daily we are bombarded with heavy metals, plastics, radiation, pesticides, etc..
  4. Our unfriendly environment is feeding viruses

This is how diseases develop

  1. Viruses need to eat toxins from our poisonous environment and our bad diet to become strong
  2. Once strong, the virus will trigger diseases such as cancer, stroke, lyme, lupus, etc.. (list here)

Do This to heal from the most chronic disease

  1. Remove all toxic food from your diet
  2. Eat food that will fight viruses and clean your body
  3. Remove toxic metals, plastics, pesticides, radiation, etc.. (it's easier than you may think)
  4. Supplement with herbs that will further attack the virus and clean your body (note: chlorella does not work well)

If you have the time / money and want to greatly speed up your recovery then I suggest that you join our next psychic surgery group trip.

That's all

No need for drugs that cause harmful side effects.

It works, hundreds of my customers have been cured.

Allow us to help you

Join our next group trip to the Philippines and we'll help you with your diseases.

Psychic surgeon Laurence Cacteng will operate on you 10 times to remove whatever should not be in your body. He will give you a massive dose of energy, clean your lymphatic and blood systems.

Patrick will give 4 lectures to explain how your disease was created and what to do to remove it.

Our approach removes the diseases as opposed to just hiding it.

See the list of diseases we can help you with here (new page).

Book Your Group Trip

Please contact me first to make sure that I still have vacancies on the trip. I only accept a maximum of 4 people on the trip to give you maximum personal attention.

You confirm you full acceptance of our Agreement form when booking your trip. You will lose your deposit if you cancel your trip so please make sure that your insurance covers cancellations.

If the dates below do not suit you, please check my diary for alternative dates.

January 19 to 26, 2019 to visit Laurence Cacteng


Additionally, you pay psychic surgeon Laurence direct when in the Philippines.

If your disease is advanced, please contact me as you may need more than 10 treatments with Laurence.

If you do not wish to travel to the Philippines but still want the advice I give in my lectures, consider my consultation.

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