Why are We so sick?

The Truth:

  1. More and more young and middle age people are sick with chronic diseases today
  2. We live in the most toxic environment ever 
  3. Daily we are bombarded with heavy metals, plastics, radiation, pesticides, etc…
  4. Our unfriendly environment is feeding viruses and bacteria

This is how diseases develop

  1. Viruses need to eat toxins from our poisonous environment and our bad diet to become strong
  2. Once strong, the virus will trigger diseases such as cancer, stroke, Lyme, lupus, etc… (list here)

Do This to heal from the most chronic disease

  1. Remove all toxic food from your diet
  2. Eat food that will fight viruses and clean your body
  3. Remove toxic metals, plastics, pesticides, radiation, etc… from your body - it's easier than you may think
  4. Supplement with herbs that will further attack the virus / bacteria and clean your body (note: chlorella does not work well)

That's all

No need for drugs that cause harmful side effects.

It works, hundreds of my customers have been cured.

Allow me to help you

My name is Patrick. I cured myself of Liver and Large intestines cancers diagnosed in July 1991.

I did this after studying Macrobiotic medicine at the East West Centre, London, UK for 2.5 years, reading hundreds of books, and attending an impressive number of courses on natural medicine.

I have helped hundreds of seriously ill customers recover health with dietary, and my herbal consultation. Some diseases I have successfully helped customers with are listed here.

Book a consultation with naturopath Patrick Hamouy


The consultation will last up to two hours face to face on the internet + about three to four hours for Patrick to tailor your recommendations before your chat. You will get a full written report on what to do + 1 month support after the consultation.

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