by Geoffrey
(Tamworth, Australia)

I went to the Philippines to see Jun Labo with my partner who had problems with her hands caused by some of her fingers permanently contracting and bending, which left some fingers permanently half closed. This is caused by 'Dupuytrens contracture'.

Jun obviously is an honest man because he said he was unable to cure this problem, but he did free up her fingers somewhat and they have not gotten any worse, which is unusual.

Whist I was there, I witnessed an elderly German woman (the wife of a German Doctor who was with her) who had what she said was terminal bowel cancer.

She had to undergo daily sessions (all of which I witnessed) in which Jun Labo removed pale colored "gristly" pieces of tissue from her abdomen each day.

He lay them on her abdomen for us to see before throwing them in a waste pail. There was no way he could have concealed them in his hands which we could clearly see at all times and he wore short sleeved shirts.

She suffered no pain during these procedures and you could see his fingers were inside her body .... Yes I know that is impossible!

The remarkable thing about this treatment was the change in the patient each day. She started the week as a shambling, old, grey, bent-over, woman who was obviously in pain ..... and yes, she looked as though she was dying.

But each day she improved, so that when we left, she was laughing and chatting and walking upright and there was a permanent smile on her face.

She had been restored to life again.

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