Healthy Lifestyle Tips To Fight Cancer

A good diet is a prime requirement for health.

Some foods help prevent cancer and other degenerative diseases whilst some will seriously damage your health.

It is reckoned that 90% of diseases start in the Intestines.

Negative Emotions When In A Difficult Relationship

A negative relationship will increase your risk of cancerA negative relationship will increase your risk of cancer

If you are in a relationship, your interaction with your partner is crucial to your well being.

It is difficult if not impossible when living with somebody full time never to argue. However, disputes should not linger on indefinitely. 

Harmony should resume a short while after a clash. Never ending conflicts only bring resentment and possibly hatred. This is damaging to health.

Leaving a long term partner is difficult but sometimes necessary.

Relationship with your family and friends 

The advice is pretty much the same as for relationship with your partner. It may, however, be easier to sort out the ones you want to see frequently and the others. 

See those whose company you enjoy often and the others only see them when you have to. Simple, it works, if it is possible.

I appreciate that there may be some peer pressure, but we are talking about your well being and health is your most important asset. So, sort your relationships out.

Relationship with your boss and colleagues 

It is hard to give this one up if finding another job is difficult so you may have to make the most out of what you have got.


Walking in nature is one of the best form of exercise

My number Two Healthy Lifestyle Tip:

Exercise, move your body, but DO NOT over exercise.

A hearty lifestyle is one of four conditions to avoid, or recover from disease. 

Eating well, positive emotions, no toxic products or environment are all good, but you also need to move your body to be healthy.


Walking is arguably the best form of exercise. It is gentle on the body, helps circulation and promotes a healthy heart amongst many other benefits.

Walk with a friend or partner. Walk with your dog. Walk on your own if all else fails.

Personally, I enjoy walking in nature.

I get up most morning around 5 a.m,, and that leaves plenty of time for my doberman dog and I to go for our 90 minutes walk.

The walk sees us going up hills, when I get a little out of breath, over rocks, etc... the air is pure. Good for Nico and good for me.

Healthy lifestyle tips:

Walk outdoor, not indoor
Get slightly out of breath

Walking in nature is more beneficial for the following reasons:

  • you get the all important vitamin D from the sun. Wear shorts and T shirts, if the weather permits, so you can expose your legs and arms to the sun
  • when walking outdoor your body will have to use many different muscles to adapt to the terrain  
  • one study claimed that people who exercise in the open generate less cortisol (stress hormone linked to heart diseases) than those who stay indoor
  • 15+ minutes walk outdoor reduces your risk of diabetes

Get A Dog

The American Heart Association (AHA) reported that dog owners have a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease.

The American Heart Association (AHA) reported that dog owners have a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease.

  • studies have shown that a dog reduces your heart rate and lowers your blood pressure 
  • dog owners stand a better change of surviving a heart attack than non dog owners
  • dogs are good companions for walks. They are always ready


Swimming in clean, unchlorinated water is one of the best form of exercise

Great form of exercise but please avoid chlorinated water as this will damage your kidneys.

Swimming in a pollution-free sea or lake is good (if you can find one). It will exercise all muscles in your body.

Other Exercises

Any other exercise that gets your body moving roughly half an hour a day, without tiring it too much is good.

The website at "" helps to give you some easy alternative exercise idea's to help you in your first steps of your transformation to a new healthy lifestyle.

Do not Over exercise

Two Medical Studies On Over Exercising

It is unhealthy to over exercise

A study that lasted many decades was published in the "European Heart Journal":

52,000 cross-country skiers athletes took part. Researcher's results were that many of these super fit people experienced serious heart problems such as arrhythmias (an alteration in rhythm of the heartbeat) when getting older.

Another study carried out at the Mayo Clinic studied the effects of over exercising on 2,400 heart attack patients over a period of 17 years.

Their research showed that survivors who ran fewer than 30 miles per week or walked less than 46 miles per week experienced a 65% reduced risk of dying from a heart attack. Exercising more had a negative effect.

Signs that you are over exercising are:

  • you feel tired after a workout instead of refreshed
  • you feel depressed
  • you argue more frequently
  • you take longer to recuperate after your exercise
  • colds take more time to get better
  • your sleep is disturbed

Healthy Lifestyle Tips For A Good Night Sleep


Your mind and body need sleep for regeneration.

Make sure you sleep enough. Some people are happy with five hours whilst some need nine hours. Whatever you need, make sure you get it.

For a good night sleep it is best:

  • Eat at least three hours before bedtime so your digestion does not interfere with your sleep
  • A completely dark bedroom is ideal
  • Suppress all noises if you can
  • NO TV in bed

Reading some relaxing book is fine.

My Sleep & Relaxation Secret

1- Meditation

Listening to this meditation music always put me to sleep without a few minutes. It also greatly help me combat daily stress.

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