Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage Video & Manual €14.95

Indian Head Massage (IHM) is a wonderful, relaxing form of treatment. It is not unusual for people to fall asleep towards the end of their massage.

In this page, I will inform you about...

  • what the benefits of this massage are
  • talk about the power of touch 
  • explain stress, and associated health problems
  • narrate the history of IHM

Indian Head Massage Video

If you'd like to learn IHM to help your friends, family or partner, I recommend our Video. In it, we demonstrate a full 46 minutes massage with verbal explanations.

Here is a short trailer:


IHM is used mainly for relaxation. It provides a relief for mental as well as physical stress.

It is recommended for headaches, eye strain or muscle tension in the neck or shoulders.

A massage will help you sleep at night and allow you to recover vital energy and feel good.

Clearer thinking is often noticed. This is due to an increase in blood (containing oxygen and nutrients) to the brain.

A loosening of the scalp will occur. This, and the increase in blood circulation, will help hair condition and growth.

It eliminates waste material from the body. Dislodged toxins will be filtered in the lymphatic nodes that are positioned all over the body.

For this reason, it is  important to offer a glass of water to a person who has just received a massage to help their body flush toxins in a most efficient way.

The Power of Touch

Scientific studies have shown that children or animals that receive a higher amount of cuddling or physical touch developed better than those who do not.

One such study showed that rats treated with kindness had a better immunity to disease and stress and were generally healthier, bigger and had a larger brain.

It is a shame that in England, this powerful way of healing has been lost. In one study, researchers measured the number of times people touched each other when sitting at a café. The highest number of touch was recorded in Puerto Rico with 180 within one hour. The lowest in the UK with ZERO.

A massage allows to regain this healing touch as it is performed within the accepted boundaries of a massage and within a controlled environment.

Stress & Associated Health Problems

Nowadays, most people suffer from stress. Our pace of living is fast, and we are bombarded by new information daily.

It is difficult to find time to relax and slow down.

Doctors reckon that many diseases are triggered by stress (this includes cancer). 

This continuous stress creates tension in our muscles and this in turn may lead to headaches, eye problems, etc…

Indian Head Massage releases tension and as such can be an invaluable help to people suffering from headaches and eye problems.


Ayurvedic texts dating back some 4,000 years mention massage as a form of therapy. “Ayurveda” is supposed to be one of the most ancient forms of medicine in the world. Its origin is from India.

Indian Head Massage (IHM) was often used with a mixture of herbs and spices to help heal a person. IHM is still widely used in India today, and many young children receive massage from birth.

Indian Head Massage, as was practised by women in India, was restricted to the head and the hair. It was part of their grooming routine. Different oils were used depending on the season (henna, sesame, coconut, almond, olive oil, etc…) to keep their hair in good condition. This form of Indian Head Massage was passed on from mother to daughter for many centuries.

Barbers also practised Indian Head Massage, but their form of massage was more invigorating as it was mainly aimed at stimulating and refreshing the client. It is not uncommon nowadays to be offered an Indian Head Massage on street corners or on the beach. However, if you receive a massage in a barber shop in India, ask the barber not to click your neck! 

The word “Champi” in Hindi means “head massage”. Being “Champied”, meant you had your head massaged. The word “Shampoo” that is used in the West comes from this origin.

Massage not only firms up the skin and strengthens the muscles but also encourages the body’s natural healing abilities.

Modern Indian Head Massage was first introduced in the UK in 1981 at the “Body Mind Spirit” exhibition at Olympia in London by Mr. Narenda Mehta. 

Mr. Mehta has been totally blind since the age of one. He is qualified in body massage, Osteopathy, Reflexology and touch for health. He lectures around the world and has his school at the "London Centre of Indian Champissage”. Mr. Mehta expanded the original form of head massage to include part of the back, the shoulders, the neck and the arms.

Further information on IHM may be found here.

Indian Head Massage Manual

Should you be interested in finding more information about Indian Head Massage, our manual also covers the following:

  • History of Indian Head Massage
  • Full explanation on the seven Chakras. What each one is, colour, etc…
  • Professional Ethics for the practitioner
  • How to prepare for a massage
  • Slides with explanations on the sequence and moves to be performed when giving an Indian head Massage
  • Sample consultation form

Indian Head Massage Video & Manual €14.95

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