psychic surgery trips & coronavirus

The current government imposed quarantine in the Philippines will hopefully be lifted soon. This will allow us to, once again, visit psychic surgeon Laurence Cacteng.

Naturopath Patrick can also help you.. See testimonials below.

A consultation with patrick
90% have recovered when strictly following his advice

See Testimonials below

Your trip to visit psychic surgeon Laurence

I offer the following:

  1. I book a firm first appointment for you with Laurence.
  2. I give you Laurence full address and his cell number.
  3. I can provide information on buses to get from Manila or Clark airports to where Laurence lives. 
  4. I can organize a chauffeur-driven car to pick you up from the airport and take you to near Laurence. You will not find cheaper.
  5. I can recommend safe hotels in Manila, Clark, and near Laurence.
  6. If you are on a special diet, I can point you to vegetarian or vegan restaurants near Laurence.
  7. I send you my special report on visas, climate, electricity, internet, transport, pollution, languages, religion, hospitals, foods, weather all year round, what currency and how much to bring with you to pay Laurence - hotels - meals, cost of living, safety, and mosquitoes.
  8. Having worked alongside Laurence since 1997, I can recommend the optimum number of treatments you will need and firmly book those for you.
  9. Part of my report to you will include basic information on diet (you may also book my full internet consultation here). Remember that if you have cancer or an autoimmune disease, you have a virus in you (most likely the Epstein Barr). If you keep eating the foods that help this virus grow, you are unlikely to recover from your disease. My consultation recommends powerful supplements that kill the virus.

I have helped tens of thousands recover from diseases such as cancer or autoimmune with my special Miracle Supplements and dietary advice.

Check some cancer recovery testimonials here.

Due to the Coronavirus we may not be able to travel to laurence at present. talk to me for the latest.

Book my services below

All the above but NO transport
Php 2,000

All the above + transport from Manila to near Laurence on day 1 (Php 9,000 + 2,000)
Php 11,000

All the above + transport from Clark to near Laurence on day 1 (Php 2,000 + 7,000)
Php 9,000

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