by Kate
(United Kingdom)



Having been sent to Lancaster for another mammogram check 5 years ago. I was told I had a shadow/mass on my right breast. I had already booked to visit Jun Labo later that year, so I wasn't unduly worried.

I appeared very calm apparently when the nurse confirmed the original diagnosis. I mentioned where I was going and that I had similar treatment here in the UK with a different healer in Chelmsford.

I certainly wasn't expecting her response, she told me not to be so silly. I then informed her that her role was not to remove hope from any individual, and that I had to come back again for another scan.

I much preferred the date to be after I had come back from seeing Jun Labo.

I was met by Patrick in Manila who took care of everything for me. I just went along for the ride really he did organize the whole event from travel eating transport etc.

Jun went to work on my body, I didn't need to tell him he knew what was needed. I have not looked back since then, he is an angel.

Bless you both. I returned to England and have had 2 mammograms since then still all clear,

Never allow anyone to tell you what you can expect from your body, if you put the effort in and you want to make the necessary changes in your lifestyle, there is nothing you can't achieve.

If you leave it till it's too late, that's your choice but accept the consequences.

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Very pleased about your cure
by: Patrick

Well done Kate

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