Laura Calderon

Thank you so very much for this amazing trip.

I felt Laurence was a blessing beyond words. It was mindblowing to witness his level of healings. The energies and shifts I felt in his presence but also beyond his house was fantastic and shifted me for the better.

Many of my health concerns immediately vanished, others took a little longer but now are gone. My hair loss issue got completely solved. I no longer am loosing any hair. The cystes on my ovaries are gone. My wart on my foot is gone. My digestion is better. My overall energy is higher and more stable. The love I feel is all encompassing and its all due to this trip with you to see Lawrence and your seminars

I came to you a raw vegan , yet to me you are the only person that summerized my own beliefs and research for the past 20 years in a way that makes sense and I trust you one hundred percent. It all sounded exactly like I had felt it and was not able to articulate yet so that is a sign that the universe definitely heard my wishes. I was so sick of people who say that eating meat and following a keto diet etc would bring about cure. This world is confusing with so much false prophecy that finding you in this jungle felt like finally having come out of the dark tunnel

I wish to thank you and I send you so much love

I keep speaking of my experience as I believe that regardless of a person dealing with sickness or not it should be mandatory for any human to go witness this healing power of Lawrence as it helps in spiritual and mental matters just as much and anyone can benefit from that in this world of ours

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