Psychic Surgeon Laurence Cacteng is a gifted Filipino. He is documented as having cured 10,000s patients over his long career. Laurence channels Jesus. 

Through Patrick Laurence offers treatments at his healing centre in the Philippines. Contact us and we'll let you know if we can help.

Laurence Cacteng

"I believe that psychic surgeon Laurence Cacteng is currently the most powerful surgeon in the Philippines."
Naturopath Patrick Hamouy

Laurence Life Story

Psychic Surgeon (also known as a Faith healer) Laurence Cacteng was born December 28, 1940 in the town of Bontoc, Mountain province, Philippines.

He inherited his healing gift from his grandmother who trained him in this art.

When aged 7, a typhoon hit the town he lived in. His friend's leg was hurt by a branch falling from a pine tree. Laurence got back home and his grandmother asked him to apply his hands to the protruding bone and push hard. His friend screamed in pain for a few seconds, and then stopped. The bone had gone back to its proper place, and Laurence powerful healing had stopped the pain.

His grandmother was a very different healer as she healed clients by sucking diseased blood from their body using her mouth.

Laurence tried to duplicate his grandmother's healing technique when aged 13 but did not like it much.

He started using his hands to give healing when aged 17 as his "Spiritual Essence" told him to stop working with his mouth because of risks of infections.

He currently is the most powerful Psychic Surgeon practicing in the Philippines today.

A Very Popular Healer

Laurence Cacteng healing is so powerful that he got invited to practice in many countries around the world including the USA, Canada, Greece, South Africa, France, Germany, Austria and he visited me 3 times in England to give my customers psychic surgery / faith healing.

Laurence now concentrates his healing in the Philippines and no longer wishes to travel.

Since 1997, I have introduced hundreds of visitors to Laurence for healing. I have always been pleasantly surprised at the number of qualified doctors who visited him for cancers, liver problems, pancreas problems, thyroid problems, intestinal issues, adrenal fatigue, diabetes 1 or 2, heart problems, etc.. He is extremely successful at helping them.

Laurence operates on patient's adbomen
Laurence helps a patient suffering from back problems

What Type Of Person Is Laurence Cacteng?

I have known Laurence Cacteng since 1997 and I can guarantee that he is a genuine Psychic Surgeon. In all these years, I have never had any doubts that he could be cheating.

He has a good sense of humor, is very attentive when patients talk about their problems and takes notes (a rare thing for Psychic Surgeons to do).

Laurence is different from other healers I know. He has a good knowledge of what causes diseases and can give broad advice as to what to do to regain health. A rare skill for a healer as most are only interested in their surgery and do not address the causes of diseases.

Laurence is a perfect match for me as he complements the precise advice I give during my lectures when accompanying a group trip, or during my consultations.

Come to see us, and receive healing from Laurence

Coming on a group trip is the most powerful way to regain health as it combines amazing healing, and precise advice on what to do to combat your diseases using foods, herbs, spices, and supplements. I also advise on how to get rid of mercury, lead, copper, arsenic, aluminum, nickel, cadmium and other deadly metals + plastics, radiation, chlorine, fluoride, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, cleaning solvent, etc.. from your body as those feed cancers, viruses, bacteria and cause inflammation.

Laurence Cacteng Is A Very Powerful Psychic Surgeon

Left to right: Clifford (assistant), Laurence, Patrick

Laurence channels Jesus and the Holy Spirit. The work is performed by these guides. This means that Laurence does not need to know about specific diseases to heal a client.

The guides are the ones doing the work, and this means that Laurence can work on just about any condition.

I have witnessed Laurence successfully work on numerous difficult health problems that currently baffle modern medicine. 

Laurence has a basic knowledge of the effects that different foods have on the body. However, this is more my area (Patrick) of expertise and if you so request on my individual trip I can give you a consultation.

Three lectures are included in my group trip when I will explain what created your diseases, and what to do to recover long term health. I only use the tremendous power of foods, herbs, spices, and supplements to give you back to health. 

Group Trips To Visit Laurence

I offer a group trip to visit Laurence roughly every two months. The group trip is the most educative and complete you can join. Included are:

  • Hotel near Laurence
  • Default breakfast as offered at the hotel
  • Lunch at a nearby health food restaurant when eating with the group
  • Pick up from Manila and drive to near Laurence (about 5 hours)
  • Ten visits to Laurence to receive treatments - you can have more if your condition needs it.
  • Three lectures by Patrick on the causes of diseases and what to do to prevent a recurrence (usually €495)
  • I full consultation for everybody on the trip
  • Some sightseeing
  • Return to Manila (about 5 hours)

I will stay at the same hotel near Laurence and will also be available for advice on your specific problems during informal meetings.

See full details here.

Book Your Group Trip

Please contact Patrick first to make sure that we still have vacancies on the trip.

You confirm your full acceptance of our Agreement form when booking your trip. You will lose your deposit if you cancel your trip so please make sure that your insurance covers cancellations.

If the dates below do not suit you, please check our diary for alternative dates.

November 8 to 13, 2020 - Visit Psychic Surgeon Laurence

Please contact us prior to booking your trip below to make sure that the COVID-19 lockdown restrictions have stopped.

Be warned that the Manila pick up may add 2 to 4 hours to your car journey because of traffic and greater distance.

  • Balance payment may be paid in US dollars, UK Sterling, Canadian dollars, or Australian dollars at the then rate when in the Philippines.
  • Additionally, you pay psychic surgeon Laurence the equivalent of 70 Euros per treatment, in one of the above mentioned currencies, direct when in the Philippines.
  • If your disease is advanced, or if you've had it for a long time, please contact Patrick as you probably need 20 treatments with Laurence.

If you do not wish to travel to the Philippines, strongly recommend a  consultation with Naturopath Patrick Hamouy and Archangel Raziel.

Individual Trips To Visit Laurence
temporarily suspended due to the coronavirus

More flexibility here as you can pretty much travel on dates you choose, if Laurence is available.


  • Day 1: I pick you up from Manila on a Sunday morning (or any day of the week from Clark airport), and drive you to near Laurence (about 5 hours). 
  • Day 2: I accompany you to Laurence on day two for the first treatment
  • I explain the surgery to you. After witnessing thousands of these surgeries since 1997, and hearing the answers to the questions, I can answer 99% of questions you wish to ask 
  • I can take pictures, or a film of your surgery if you wish - and if Laurence allows it 
  • I drive you back to the hotel after this first surgery
  • I show you the ATM, banks, market, main street and shopping mall if you wish
  • An optional consultation is on offer if you wish me to explain how you created your diseases and what to do to regain long term health

I leave you at the end of this second day and you will need to stay near Laurence until all your treatments are finished.

See full details here.

Book Your Individual Trip
Due to the coronavirus trips may be suspended. contact us for the latest.

Contact me first if interested in a trip and let me know when you’d like to come. I will call the Surgeon and see if available.

If you do not have the strength to walk properly or need my help to support you during your trip let me know in advance.

You will be asked to confirm you full acceptance of our Agreement form when booking your trip. You will lose your deposit if you cancel your trip so please make sure that your insurance covers cancellations.

Clark pick up
& 1 Consultation

1 Consultation with Patrick included (€150 reduced from €195) - 1 or 2 people traveling - Total Price €400. Pay €200 deposit now and €200 in the Philippines.

Clark pick up

1 or 2 people traveling. Total Price €250. Pay €150 deposit now and €100 when in the Philippines. NO CONSULTATION with Patrick

If you do not wish to travel to the Philippines, consider my consultation.
It has saved the lives of many people.

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