A Macrobiotic Consultation With Patrick & Spirits

A Macrobiotic consultation saved my life back in 1991 when I was diagnosed with liver/large intestine cancers. According to modern medicine at the time, I only had 6-8 months to live.

I studied Macrobiotics medicine at the East-West Center in London, England, between 1991 and 1993, spending virtually all my weekends there before qualifying as a Consultant. In the many years since then, I have read hundreds of books on natural health and followed numerous courses.

Over the years, I have successfully advised thousands of people living with cancer, heart patients, people with diabetes, autoimmune sufferers, etc.… through my consultation, courses, during my lectures, face to face, and on the internet.

90% of the customers who have strictly followed my recommendations have had improvements, or a complete cure.

Read what some of my previous customers have said

If you are unwell, I believe that I can help you recover health.

You Most Likely Have A Virus In You

Nowadays, there are more potent viruses than ever before affecting our health. These viruses have multiplied and strengthened in our highly toxic environment and our harmful food.

My guide, Archangel Raziel, has shared the following list of diseases these viruses trigger. During my consultation, I tell you how to recover from these conditions.

In alpha sequence:

Aches & Pains (some) - ADHD, Alzheimer, Anxiety - Autism - Bipolar disorder - Asthma (some form) - Cancers (most) - Chest tightness - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) - Confusion - Dementia - Depression - Diabetes Type 1 and 2 - Dizziness - Epilepsy - Oesophageal spasms - Eye floaters - Fatigue - Feet tingling or numb - Fibromyalgia - Food sensitivities (new ones) - Hands tingling or numb - Hashimoto Central Nervous System Disorders - Heart Palpitations - Hepatitis C. (primary cause) - Hypoglycaemia - Hot flashes - Insomnia (some) - Joint pains - Liver sluggishness (most) - Loss of libido - Lupus - Lyme - ME (Myalgic Encephalopathy) - Ménière’s Disease (most) - Memory loss (most) - Migraines (some) - Multiple Sclerosis (MS) - Muscle pains - Nervous system inflammation developed after thyroid problems - Neurological disorders - Osteoporosis - Parkinson - Rheumatoid arthritis - Stroke - Thyroid Disorders (most) - Tinnitus - Vertigo (most) …and many, many other illnesses

Mercury & Other Poisons In Our Environment

Mercury, and other deadly toxins, are in the air we breathe and impossible to avoid. Mercury is present in the sea, and when water evaporates, it moves from the sea to the atmosphere, and it rains back to earth. ALL vegetables, fruits and animals are then exposed to it (even organic products).

Mercury was prescribed as a medicine for many years. If you were unwell, your doctor would give you a mercury drink. It was considered a cure-all (it was more a "kill all"). This means that our ancestors have passed on mercury from parents to child, and most of us have had it in our body since we were born.

Spirits have given me a list of foods and herbs to eradicate these, and I share this information with you during my consultation.

Book a macrobiotic consultation with naturopath Patrick Hamouy

Patrick cured himself of liver and colon cancers diagnosed back in July 1991. He is extremely familiar with helping customers with cancer, autoimmune diseases, and organ failure. He can help you get rid of your cancer for good. See his background here.

Trying to find out on your own what you should eat, how to remove existing toxins and viruses from your body, and heal your disease will take you months. You will need to read many books, articles, postings on the web, etc. Some advice you read will be wrong, contradictory,  and hurt your health.

If you'd like me to call you to discuss your condition before deciding on this consultation. Please fill in this very short form.

After you book your consultation with Patrick, you will be redirected to a "Thank you" page". This means that your order has been received and Patrick will contact you within 24 hours.

Consultation format:

  1. You will be sent you a form to fill that will give Patrick the information he needs to help you. You will explain all your health problems, current medications, supplements, etc...
  2. With the above information at hand, Patrick will prepare a comprehensive, step by step, report on what you should do to regain long-term health. This report will be 15 to 20 pages long. 
  3. You will need to read my report a couple of times and write down any questions before our chat.
  4. We talk on WhatsApp (or Viber / Skype), and Patrick answers all your questions.
  5. You are fully supported for three months. This can easily be extended at a minimal cost.
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