Marie L

by Marie L
(Washington DC))

Recently I had my second consultation with Patrick on Skype as I have a few health issues.

Many years ago I had my first consultation with him & as a result went Macrobiotic & yes I felt so much better for it and noticed that my joints osteoarthritis substantially improved.

Sadly as with many things in life I did not keep to the diet and as a result needed his help again as my osteoarthritis is bad.

I know last time he helped, so I jumped on Skype & have just had another consultation with him.

I know I have to go and buy a few things that he told me & of course I have to eliminate some of the bad foods that I am eating. Sad, but I know that changing my diet does work.

Patrick has an amazing knowledge of macrobiotics as well as a good working knowledge of the human body and you can be sure that he really does know what he is talking about.

He is extremely approachable & very understanding. Supporting me on Skype, even if he did not approve of my current diet, he did not sound disgusted as I had expected. He listened & made numerous suggestions that I know will benefit me.

When I moved from the UK to the USA, I thought that was the end of my consultations, but thanks to the Internet, websites & Skype, it is like we are both still in the UK.

Now I can have a consultation from anywhere in the world.

Marie L

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