Meat dangers - Partly Responsible For My Cancers

Steak and chips are dangerous to your health

Meat dangers are numerous. If you were brought up on Meat and Vegetables most days of the week, you may have ended up, as I did, with Cancer.

Meat as we well know is saturated with fat. Often the meat we purchase is frozen.

Cooking methods such as barbecues, frying in oil or butter and overcooking will remove most of the nutrients out of the meat.

There is strong evidence that eating meat increases the risk of breast, prostate, colon, liver and other cancers.

Problems Caused By Meat

Eating too much meat over many years will cause many different problems.

As we are aware, as soon as an animal is killed the flesh goes through a process of decomposition. This, to some extent, is nowadays controlled by freezing.

Some meat bought from Supermarkets comes from stock that was frozen many months or even many years ago (a recent TV program highlighted this amazing fact).

Meat is the most difficult food to digest.

It can take up to a week or longer to digest, especially for the elderly. If  you have been eating meat regularly in the past, your Colon has never been clear of this messy digestive process, causing many meat dangers such as the accumulation of amines (compounds derived from ammonia)  in the Intestines, Liver and Kidneys.

These amines encourage the development of cancer.

The Mucoid Plaque

Undigested foods in the intestines: Mucoid plaque and its dangers

The continuous accumulation of meat in the intestines will eventually cause the deposit of hardened, undigested putrefying food on the walls of the large intestines. 

It can also possibly cause a prolapsed Colon.

This is well explained in this excellent book: “Dr. Jensen's Guide to Better Bowel Care: A Complete Program for Tissue Cleansing through Bowel Management”.

If you suffer from problems with your large or small intestines, I recommend you read Dr Jensen's book. It is packed with life saving information about meat dangers.

Bernard Jensen comments that most European and American meat eaters carry between 5 and 25 pounds of putrefying matters in their large and small intestines. Yuck!

This process causes a degeneration of the Small and Large Intestines. According to Dr Jensen...

90% of disease start in the intestines...

Liquids are absorbed in the large intestines. Should a person have a mucoid plaque, the liquid has to pass through these hardened, undigested feces, before reaching the bloodstream.

This mixture of blood and feces will then travel through your heart, kidneys, liver and all other organs and weaken them.

What a recipe for disaster!

Meat Dangers Causing Obesity

Fat people and their health

As we have seen above, it is common for meat eaters to have deposits of undigested food in their intestines.

These create a swelling intestines that can reach 12 to 15” with only a very small opening for the food to pass through.

Actor John Wayne was in this situation prior to his death.

If all this was not bad enough, the saturated fat starts blocking the proper functioning of important organs and blood vessels. This in turn can lead to the creation of tumors, high cholesterol, atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Hemorrhoids, Diverticulitis and…  Cancer.

Weak Kidneys, Liver and Intestines caused by the above process is the way to heart degeneration and faster ageing as I discovered to my dismay.

Blocked Arteries From Meat Dangers

The fat content of meat will deposit and cause the eventual blockage of arteries leading to serious problems needing surgery. However, surgery will only provide a temporary fix unless a change in diet accompanies it.

Chemicals in Meat

How would you like a cocktail of sex hormones, antibiotics, steroids and tranquilizers?

Most animals these days are given sex hormones such as estrogen, progesterone and androgen to make them grow faster. This promotes the development of Kidney disease, hypertension and low blood sugar in us humans.

Our continuous intake of animal food saturated with sex hormones also contributes to the feminization of males and masculinization of females. I also suspect that cancers of the reproductive systems in male or female to be damaged by this excess of sex hormones.

Antibiotics and Steroids are mixed in the food of the animals, so they don't die too quickly.  This use of antibiotics has weakened the effectiveness of the antibiotics we need when we get sick.

Tranquillizers are added to prevent them from fighting with each other. Therefore, meat that you buy contains lots of harmful chemicals.

Should We Really Eat Meat?


Let’s consider the following facts:

The molars and premolars in our mouth are designed to specifically grind and break down  food. The sharp and powerful teeth of animals, meant to eat meat, are designed to tear the food.

Our saliva is alkaline to help the digestion of plants.

A lion’s saliva is acid as it generates roughly ten times the amount of hydrochloric acid a human generates. This makes the digestion meat very easy.

The distance between our mouth and anus is about 10 meters (30 feet). This allows us to absorb all the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients needed for our good health. A lion’s digestive system is only about three times the length of its body and the digestion of animal food is quick. It does not get a chance to putrefy.

All this tells us that we are not "designed" to eat much meat.

Our digestive system is the result of what our ancestors have ingested for hundreds of thousands of years. Contrary to some belief, our more recent ancestors did not eat much meat as it was expensive. Modern methods of preserving meat (freezing) were not available and the meat had to be eaten  soon after the animal was killed. 

People fed themselves more on vegetables and other products they could grow locally. It will take a very long time (if ever) before our body is able to digest  the food we throw at it.

Meat dangers are one of the major reasons for the huge increase in Cancer in the past century.

Mr. Richard McDonald and Mr. Ray Kroc have undoubtedly damaged the health of a lot of people by introducing their fast-food restaurants.

No Lack Of Protein

Are you worried about your protein intake?

My study of Macrobiotics has taught me that Cancers feed on protein and grow on sugar. Meat of course is an abundant source of protein but eating too much of it will also cause damage to the Liver and Kidneys - both organs being the great filters in our body. 

We must learn that we do not just absorb protein from meat. In order for our body to create protein from meat, it must first break the animal protein down into amino acids and then manufacture human protein with these. This procedure is very tiring on the body and extremely inefficient.

Observing wild animals such as zebras, giraffes, elephants, etc.. we realize that they do not get their protein from animal food but from..

the plants they eat.

A study performed on Rats is at the origin of the fallacy that we need lots of protein for good health.

Rats are different from humans, and this study was flawed. The milk from mother rats contains 11 times more protein than we need.

So, please relax, you are not going to suffer ill health from a lack of protein if you stop eating animal food, but you are certainly going to suffer from the meat dangers.

One of my Macrobiotic teacher always told me that the body will never lack protein for as long as we can eat food.

This was confirmed by  Rose, W.  in his book “The amino acid requirements of adult man”. This verified that most complex carbohydrates found in grains, potatoes or beans have amino acid content perfectly suitable for our protein requirements. 

Some will argue that fat is necessary because it is a source of linoleic acid. As this acid is also contained in brown rice, beans and other food, the body will get an ample supply by following the diet described in these pages, and this will not be a problem.

The following food has a high content of protein:

Lentils and other beans such as kidney beans and chick peas. Tofu, green vegetables such as collards, kale or even iceberg lettuce are equally a good source of protein.

 What To Do?

As can be seen from all the above meat dangers are very real. Should you suffer from Cancer, I would strongly advise you give it up.

Should you be unwell and borderline cancer, I would recommend that you completely remove this food from your diet.

Unsure What To Eat To Be Healthy?

Patrick cured himself of liver and colon cancers diagnosed back in July 1991. He is extremely familiar with helping customers with cancer, autoimmune diseases, and organ failure. He can help you get rid of your cancer for good. See his background here.

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