Mike Cook

by Mike Cook

Patrick organised a trip for me to have surgery, and his kindness and professionalism is unparalleled.

He is a walking encyclopaedia of how we should lead a healthy life and stay Cancer free. He is a wonderful soul, who will guide you in the right direction , and it's an honour for me to have met him...

He organised my trip to Jun Labo. That was another story altogether.. Jun is a heartwarming man with a wonderful smile. Very approachable, and kind.

He'll listen to your concerns and will act on them. Once you enter the surgery, the 'magic' begins. I was so sceptical, but I have seen my tumours removed, and there were many.

This man is genuine, nothing fake about him, so don't believe the rubbish you see on YouTube telling you he is. Those who ridicule him have never met him, or even been to the Philipines.

I can't explain how it's done,, I've see other people being operated on upclose, I've analysed his hand movements, and all I can say is he is one genuine Psychic Healer.

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Fully recovered
by: Patrick

Mike's recent comment to me:

"Went through hell, but got the all clear last week..".

Another wonderful recovery from a life threatening cancer. Delighted to hear the good news Mike. Take care.

Well done Mike
by: Patrick

Mike had the intelligence to have a consultation and find out what generated his cancer. Armed with this knowledge, he is on his way to a full recovery.

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