Laurence Cacteng is a gifted Filipino Psychic Surgeon. He is documented as having cured 10,000s patients over his long career. Laurence channels Jesus. Through Patrick, he offers treatments at his healing centre in the Philippines.

Patrick Hamouy - Cured himself of liver and large intestines cancers diagnosed in July 1991. Author of several books on how to recover health using the power of foods & herbs. Patrick has helped thousands recover well-being through his internet health consultations, and lectures.

Modern v natural / spiritual medicine

Modern Approach

A 3 Prong Approach:

  1. Surgery is used to cut out a part in the body. As is the case with cysts or tumors. This is valuable if the tumor was blocking the function of an organ. Surgeons are amazing people, and I respect them. They can unblock an artery, remove a stone, cyst, or tumor somewhere in your body, or fix you up after an accident. I admire these people, even though some of their colleagues do not believe that it is the right approach for cancers.
  2. Drugs such as chemotherapy are the main approach nowadays with modern medicine. Unfortunately, virtually all drugs have negative side effects (just do a search on Google such as: "productX side effects"). You will see a long list of potential problems from taking the drug. According to some cancer specialists results with chemotherapy are not good. 
  3. Radiation will attempt to burn out the part of the body where the toxins reside. This can be very aggressive and also potentially causes many side effects. Some consultants comment on this approach.

The first problems with these approaches

The modern approach is to treat each diseased organ separately. If you suffer from a breast problem for example, you will be sent to a breast specialist. If you have a complication with you liver, you will be sent to a liver specialist...

This approach is very limited. Our body works as a whole. Problems with our heart for example may be due to:

  1. Our liver no longer digesting fat properly
  2. As a result, our blood will get thick (dirty blood) 
  3. Our heart will then have to put much effort pumping the thick blood out of the liver, and this may result in "mysterious" high blood pressure

Just looking at the heart, as modern medicine does, would not work to cure this problem. We are whole, and the dirtiness or tiredness of an organ will affect the strength of many others.

The second problem

Often drugs only aim to suppress symptoms. They do not fix the reasons why an organ is having problems. This cannot work!

Unless you remove the cause of a problem, the problem will not go away. 

Patrick & Archangel Raziel Medicine

A 2 Prong Approach

  1-  Naturopath Patrick's approach:

  • Patrick channels Archangel Raziel (short video) during his consultations.
  • Patrick cured himself of liver and large intestines' cancers that were diagnosed in 1991. He gets information from Archangel Raziel who helps him during his consultation.
  • Patrick only uses the healing power of certain foods and herbs to help his clients. No harmful side effects!
  • Check this page to browse through some of the conditions that he has successfully helped clients with.
  • Check some of the testimonials he has received.

2- The Psychic Surgery approach:

  1. Psychic surgeon Laurence sees inside the body. He does not need to see your X-rays, or complicated tests results. He can go straight to the part of your body that is causing a problem, and either remove or melt it. He will also restore proper blood and lymph flow.
    Often people are not aware of what is happening in their body. Laurence will be able to tell you if an organ is getting weak before it starts causing you problems, and he will most likely fix the issue.
  2. Laurence's guide is Jesus when operating. This means that Laurence does not need to know everything about your specific disease. Jesus knows what to do and he is the one guiding the surgery.

Details of our group trip to visit Laurence.

Our Individual trip to visit Laurence.

You choose

If you've been suffering from one of the above diseases for a long time and modern medicine has so far failed to help you, give us a chance to help you with our Archangel Raziel and Naturopath Patrick consultation.

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