Modern Medicine History

Doctors are trained to prescribe drugs. No training on preventing diseasesDoctors are trained to prescribe drugs. No training on preventing diseases

Medical training in the US at the beginning of the 20th century was very poor indeed. One could buy a medical degree by post or qualify with the minimum amount of study.

The AMA (American Medical Association) realized that changes were urgently needed and created a “Council on Medical Education”.

The Rockefeller-Carnegie foundations saw an opportunity to make lots of money and stepped in.

In December 1908, after a meeting between Henry Pritchett - president of the Carnegie foundation - and the AMA, it was decided to include the Rockefeller-Carnegie foundations in a new Report on changes to make to Medical training.

In 1910, the Flexner Report came out. It proposed many changes that were welcome by most.

Amongst these changes, was the infamous strengthening of pharmacology (use of drugs) and the creation of research sections at all approved schools.

The strengthening of pharmacology changed the face of modern medicine. Doctors, from that time onwards, were taught to prescribe drugs to fight diseases. This has made pharmaceutical companies very rich, and many patients worse off.

Training for the prevention of diseases or the importance of diet was omitted.

A decision that has cost the lives of many millions of sufferers to this day.

By 1927, the number of “approved schools” had been reduced to eighty. Schools that did not follow the guidelines did not receive any subsidies and disappeared.

The stranglehold by the AMA (American Medical Association) on doctor’s training is horrific

The stranglehold by the AMA (American Medical Association) on doctor’s training is horrific. A doctor has to be trained by a center approved by the AMA and follow their curriculum (prescription of drugs).

He is not allowed to practice if the AMA does not approve his license.

Once qualified, he reads the AMA publication that is peppered with adverts about drugs. 

In the words of Bernie Siegel (American writer and retired pediatric surgeon) in his introduction to ‘When healing becomes a crime’:

“The system needs to open up so that the pages of medical journals are not 50% pharmaceutical ads, thus closing minds and doors to alternative and integrative treatments. In the future, companies need to be rewarded for researching alternative treatments that cannot be patented”.

Claiming to Cure and not approved by the AMA = Breaking the (AMA) lawClaiming to Cure and not approved by the AMA = Breaking the (AMA) law

If you try to help others without a medical license, you can be prosecuted for illegal practice of medicine.

Dr Schulze states: “there are many people who are jailed every year, put there for disagreeing with medical doctors and their policies."

Words such as “Diagnose” and “Cure” are forbidden unless you are medically qualified.  Just by using these words you can be arrested for practicing medicine without a license”. Wow!!

Millions of dollars are invested by the foundations every year to control medical research.

Control of public opinion, and lobbying of politician in Washington is routinely practiced.

The pharmaceutical industry is also very influential in the selection of Commissioners for the almighty Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

What Other Option?

causes of sickness and diseases

In 98% of cases, cancer is caused by a virus. A virus needs food to eat to grow strong and stay alive. This food is provided by the toxins that you accumulate daily in your body:

  1. From a bad diet
  2. Toxic heavy metals such as mercury, lead, copper, arsenic, aluminium, nickel, cadmium, etc... 
  3. Plastics, radiation, chlorine, fluoride, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, cleaning solvent, etc...

We cannot avoid the last two as they are present in the air we breathe and our food.

Current macrobiotic advice does not include a way to get rid of toxic heavy metals and other toxins. This is a mistake that I have remedied in my consultation.

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