Muscle Name




Abductor longus, magnus Pubis Femur Adducts thighs
Achilles tendon Gastrocnemius and soleus Heel of the foot Helps flex the foot
Biceps brachii Scapula Radius Flexes forearm
Biceps femoris Ischium Tibia and fibula Flexes knee joint
Brachialis Humerus Ulna Flexes elbow joint
Brachioradialis Humerus Radius Flexes elbow joint
Buccinator Maxilla and mandible Angle of mouth Compresses cheeks, retracts angle of mouth
Deltoid Clavicle and scapula Deltoid tuberosity of humerus Abduction of the humerus to a right angle
Epicraneas Occipital and frontal bones Aponeurosis of scalp Elevates eyebrows and draws scalp forward
Erector spinae Sacrum Occipital bone Extends the spine
Extensor digitorum longus Tibia and fibula Extensor tendon on each toe Extends toes
External oblique Lower 8 ribs Iliac crest Supports abdominal internal organs
Extensor carpi radialis Humerus Metacarpals and phalanges Extends wrist
Flexor carpal radialis Humerus Metacarpals & phalanges Flexes wrist joint
Flexor carpi ulnaris Humerus Metacarpals and phalanges Flexes wrist joint
Gastrocnemius Femur Through achilles tendon to calcaneum Flexes ankle and knee joint
Gluteus maximus Posterior of Ilium, Sacrum and coccyx Head of femur Extends hip joint (i.e. when getting up from a chair)
Gluteus medius Ilium Femur Abducts femur
Infraspinatus / infraspinalis Scapula Humerus Rotates the humerus
Latissimus dorsi Iliac crest / lumbar vertabrae & thoracic vertabrae Humerus Adducts the shoulder and extends the humerus
Masseter Zygomatic arch Mandible Closes the mouth
Orbicularis oculi Medial rim of orbit Frontal process of maxilla Closes the eyelid
Pectoralis major Clavicle, sternum and ribs Lateral biceps groove of humerus Depresses shoulder girdle, adducts and rotates the humerus
Peroneus longus Fibula Cuneiform and 1st metatarsal Inverts and flexes foot and support arches
Platysma Pectoralis and deltoid Mandible Facial expression
Pronator teres Humerus Radius Pronates forearm
Psoas major 12th thoracic and lumbar vertebraes Head of Femur Flexes hip joint and trunks
Rectus femoris Ilium Patella Extends knee joint
Rhomboids Thoracic vertebrae Border of scapula Draws scapula backwards
Sartorius Ilium Tibia Flexes hip and knee joint. Rotates femur laterally
Serratus anterior Upper nine ribs Scapula Moves the scapula forward
Soleus Fibula and tibia Through achilles tendon to calcaneum Flexes ankle joint
Sterno-cleido mastoid Sternum & clavicle Mastoid process behind the ear Flexes head + turns it to the side
Supinator longus Humerus Radius Supinates forearm
Supraspinatus Scapula Humerus Abducts humerus
Teres major Inferior of scapula Humerus Rotates humerus
Tibialis anterior Tibia Cuneiform and 1st metatarsal Extends and invert foot
Trapezius Occipital bone / thoracic vertebrae Clavicle and spine of scapula Raises shoulders, draws scapula backwards, rotates lower angle of scapula laterally
Triceps brachii Scapula & humerus Ulna Extends the elbow joint
Vastus externus Femur Tibia Extends knee joint
Vastus lateralis Femur Tibia Extends knee joint
Vastus medialis Femur Tibia Extends knee joint