Prostate Cancer
Recovery eBook

Natural Cures For Prostate Cancer

This page is an introduction to my eBook: "Prostate Cancer Recovery" that explains the complete healing plan I recommend to successfully fight prostate cancer, Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) and Prostatitis.

Check Your Prostate

A discoloration on the chin indicates prostate problems

If the tip of your chin is a different color from the rest of your face (i.e. a bit redder), then you are likely to have some prostate problem. This oriental diagnosis method allows you to accurately check the health of most organs in the body.

Half the men over the age of 50 suffer from this condition that may lead to prostate cancer if left untreated.

Virtually all men over the age of 70 suffer from this condition.

See how to fix this using the successful all natural method below.

Effectively Fight Prostate Problems (Inc Cancer)


Hi, my name is Patrick. I was diagnosed with liver and large intestines cancer back in 1991. These two cancers combined meant a death sentence according to modern medicine.

However, I am still alive today following a plan similar to the one I am now introducing.

I am saying "similar" because I have learned a lot since 1991, and prostate cancer needs a different approach than liver or large intestines cancers.

The topics covered in my eBook below show how to get rid of prostate cancer, BPH, and prostatitis.

Order My eBook And Sort Out Your Prostate Now

Everything I have ever learnt about prostate cancers, Benign Prostate Hyperplasia (BPH) & Prostatitis is in this e-book. It is based on the powerful Macrobiotic diet that is considered by many doctors and scientists as the most powerful diet to fight cancer and other forms of gentle alternative medicines I have learnt since the start of my journey in 1991. 

The main headings are as follows:

  1. Foods and drinks
  2. Special drinks to help
  3. Special food to help the prostate
  4. Special food to fight cancer
  5. Special foods, herbs, supplements, etc… to remove toxic metals and other cancer feeding toxins
  6. Minimizing negative emotions and stress
  1. Cleaning your mouth
  2. Specific exercises for the prostate
  3. Lifestyle advice
  4. Fasting
  5. And a lot, lot more…

Prostate Cancer
Recovery eBook

Herbs And Vitamins For Prostate Cancer

These are not drugs, they are Natural Cures For Prostate Cancer.

The prostate

These supplements will powerfully support the health of the prostate gland. They have been shown to…

  • Inhibits and reverse the enlargement of the prostate
  • Reduces night time urination in 68% of cases 
  • Block DHT hormone that stimulate prostate enlargement  
  • Reduce inflammation of the prostate 
  • Support the immune system
  • Helps digestion 
  • A mineral that cuts down prostate cancer diagnosis by 50%
  • The bark of this tree balances hormone levels and reduces inflammation
  • A supplement that keeps high testosterone and low estrogen to ward off prostate cancer
  • Help heal prostate cancer 

Amongst these, a secret weapon:

A mushroom extract that is an immune simulator. It has shown its ability to act as a Natural Cures For Prostate Cancer. It has offered complete remission in clinical trials.

It is also used to combat breast, liver, ovarian cancers and AIDS.

A study showed that men taking high level of this extract have more success reversing their condition.

Natural Foods & Drinks Remedies For Prostate Cancer

These are not supplements. They are drinks and foods that macrobiotic practitioners such as myself use to fight specific cancers. The have been used for thousands of years and are time proven.

The five different concoctions I advise you take in my eBook are aimed at effectively fighting not only  prostate cancer but also Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia and Prostatitis. 

Healthy Mouth

Clean your mouth to help your health

Toxins present in a lot of people’s mouth are carcinogenic (encourages the growth of cancerous tumors).

Even a small trace of this product I mention in my eBook encourages the growth of tumors.

The toothpaste you use may be toxic.. I advise on which to use.

This specific dental operation can trigger a prostate infection.

Gum infections will influence the health of your prostate. Find out what to do.



Doing a fast (no food) for a few days is of the utmost importance  for the health of your prostate and I recommend it.

In my "Natural Cures For Prostate Cancer" eBook, I explain what body cleansing products need to be used before you begin your fast:

  • A powerful colon cleanse
  • A parasite cleanse
  • A natural product to excrete bacteria, viruses, mold, pesticides, heavy metals from your body
  • A fiber that facilitates the passing of feces through the intestines

A special natural drink will be drank during this fast

This is extremely powerful, and it will seriously increase your chances of beating prostate cancer.

Would You Prefer A One To One Consultation?

Patrick cured himself of liver and colon cancers diagnosed back in July 1991. He is extremely familiar with helping customers with cancer, autoimmune diseases, and organ failure. He can help you get rid of your cancer for good. See his background here.

Trying to find out on your own what you should eat, how to remove existing toxins and viruses from your body, and heal your disease will take you months. You will need to read many books, articles, postings on the web, etc. Some advice you read will be wrong, contradictory,  and hurt your health.

Book a consultation with unlimited support

If you'd like Patrick to call you to discuss your condition before deciding on this consultation. Please fill in this very short form.

After you book your consultation with Patrick, you will be redirected to a "Thank you" page". This means that your order has been received and Patrick will contact you within 24 hours.

Consultation format:

  1. You will be sent you a form to fill that will give Patrick the information he needs to help you. You will explain all your health problems, current medications, supplements, etc...
  2. With the above information at hand, Patrick will prepare a comprehensive, step by step, report on what you should do to regain long-term health. This report will be 15 to 20 pages long. 
  3. You will need to read my report a couple of times and write down any questions before our chat.
  4. We then talk on WhatsApp (or Viber/Skype /Messenger/FaceTime), and Patrick answers all your questions.
  5. You are fully supported for three months. This can easily be extended at a minimal cost.
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