Met few people randomly in Laurence clinic.

1 American who got cured from terminal heart issue and a Dr. from middle east who got his colon cancer reduced significantly in the first 3 days. Getting better daily.
and a few stories of malicious cancers.
and 1 guy who didn't heal from foot issue.. Not all get healed..

Thats lots of testimonies from few people I met..
For myself I have many issues and optimism they will go away
Laurence is genuine and my guess 1 of the few out of 10 billion people..
Worth while for cleansing and eliminating future issues..

The people I talked to came with Patrick like I did and we met for many hours latter on. So all genuine.

The blood coming out is probably magnetized along with natural occurring impurities coming out of the veins..
Laurence says its hard to explain.. He was born with super natural abilities..

As long as it works for (I guess) most people its better than hospital and a lot cheaper..

Its called faith healing.. Yet its evident healing.. Because u can see on others.. and hopefully on yourself.. but no guarantee.. yet coming for 5 or 10 days is amazingly quick..
If u r a candidate.. from my understanding most get healed..

Many thanks to Laurence, his assistant James.. who gives an amazing powerful healing massage.. and Patrick who has extensive knowledge of eliminating many diseases with life style, a controlled diet, and special healing foods and herbs..

U r a candidate.. from my understanding most get healed..

And many tnx to the unseen ability.. or kind of invisible entity or ability that does exist to assist..

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