My Studies

Whenever you consider having a health consultation, it is always wise to check the person's qualifications.

Since 1991 when first diagnosed with cancer of the liver and large intestines, I have kept studying to learn why I got sick and what I could do to eradicate my diseases.

This pages shows some of the diplomas I acquired over the years.

My Macrobiotic Studies

Macrobiotic is a very old form of medicine that I favored after my diagnosis. My reason was that if the Macrobiotic diet could still be around several centuries after it was set up, it had to be good.

I studied Macrobiotics between September 1991 and December 1993 at the East West centre in London. I furthered my knowledge by taking notes during some of Denny Waxman consultations, and also organising talks for Denny at my UK school centre.

My Macrobiotic teachers were John Sandifer, Simon Brown, Michio Kushi,  Denny Waxman, Herman Aihara, Bill Spears, Bob Lloyd and many others.

This saved my life.

Diet & Nutrition

After finishing my Macrobiotic studies, I decided to learn about modern diet and nutrition.

I qualified with ITEC, a government approved organization.

You will see on the bottom left of my diploma that I got a distinction. I scored 98%.

Unfortunately what I learned in this course is in contradiction with what I know can help clients so I rarely use this knowledge.

Oriental Diagnosis

I loved this course so much that I created my own version to offer to all interested.

It taught me how to recognize the weak organs in a person's body just by looking at their face, eyes, ears, hands, feet and meridian lines on the body.

Sandra, a friend, studied this as well and sometimes when walking in the street, we would come up with comments such as: "Look at his liver".

Counselors Training

My favorite tutor during my Macrobiotic studies was Denny Waxman.

I had the honor of attending many of his consultations taking notes for customers. I learned a lot from those.

I attended every single course Denny offered during my 2.5 years at the East West center and thereafter invited Denny to lecture at my school in the UK.


This is a massage using meridians along the body.

I studied this for 2.5 years at the East West center and after with my friend and tutor Sandra Watson.

Psychic Surgery with Laurence Cacteng and/or Jun Labo

This is an extremely powerful form of healing that helped save my life.

I found this so effective that I started offering trips to see Laurence Cacteng and Jun Labo.

Details of my Individual trips  may be found here.

Details of my Group trip with the added benefit of my 4 days part time course may be found here.

I eventually ended up teaching my course: "The causes of diseases and what to do to recover health" alongside these 2 surgeons.

I have attended numerous other course.. 

Aromatherapy (study of essential oils) Diploma.

I have attended well over 100 courses and also read hundreds of books linked to diseases and what to do to recover health.

I lectured at my school in the UK and also in Hungary, France and Philippines.

My Reiki healing Master diploma
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