Philippine Psychic Surgery

Philippine Psychic Surgery is unique in the world. More powerful than any other form of natural healing when combined with my lifestyle recommendations..

Psychic surgeon Laurence Cacteng operating on patient

A psychic surgeon is guided by his spirit guide(s) during the operations. These spiritual beings pushed toxins, tumors, pus, calcium deposits, etc.. to the surface of the body for the surgeon to pick up and dispose of.

When combined with advice on what to do to eliminate the reason why you got sick as taught in my course on "The causes of diseases and what to do to recover health", success rate are extremely high.

When psychic surgery and the advice given on the above lectures are followed strictly, improvements rate is around 90%.

Do Not Delay

Patrick will advise you on natural medicine to help you recoverPatrick

The biggest problem we have helping customers is that often they leave it too late to be helped.

Here is a story that happened a short while ago:

This customer's liver was very sick as indicated by his extreme yellowish complexion.

I picked him up from Manila airport. His cancers had gone metastatic and weakened his body so much that he had problem walking for more than a couple of minutes at a time (and with support).

On day one I took him to visit psychic surgeon Laurence who proceeded to start regenerating his liver. Amazingly, after only a few sessions, this client's liver started working again.

This was followed by psychic surgery twice a day, but this person was so weak that Laurence had to take it easy.

Unfortunately this man had traveled on his own as his family could not accompany him. This added to this gentleman's problems as the lack of support drained him as he had to cater for his foods and daily needs himself.

He had chosen to join my Individual trip option even though I had recommended to him to join my group trip in order to benefit from my support daily.

Even though his liver was recovering and tumors/ toxins were taken out of his body daily, he was so weak that the hotel refused to keep him and sent him to hospital. Armed with his previous experience of hospitals, he insisted on going back to another hotel that also forced him to leave after one night.

Nobody wanted him, and the stress that it caused him was enormous.

During this whole time, he had support from us to find new hotels, with transport and other necessities.

I kept calling his daughter in the USA to request that a member of his family come and support him in the Philippines. My calls for help were ignored by his family.

Eventually this person died after one last trip to hospital.

Why This Story?

Often people seek psychic surgery when their doctors tell them that they can no longer do anything for them.

Unfortunately it is much more difficult to help somebody in the final stages of a diseases than towards the beginning.

My message to you if you are unwell is to seek help early rather than late.

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