Philippines Faith Healers

The Philippines Faith healers are also known as "psychic surgeons" or "bare hand surgeons". These Philippines faith healers are able to perform surgery without the use of any medical instruments, just using their hands. This is why they are sometimes referred to as "bare hand surgeons".

These men or women are mainly Catholic and the most powerful of them claim to channel Jesus, the holy spirit or some other powerful guides. They are however quick to emphasize that the healing is beyond religion and equally benefits Buddhists, Muslim, Protestant and all other faiths. 

Currently, the most powerful faith healing is done in the Philippines by Laurence Cacteng and Jun Labo

These two faiths healers have been practicing for many years and have been documented as having cured such disease as cancers, heart problems, diabetes and many other conditions that modern medicine struggles with. See some testimonies here. 

How To Visit These Philippines Faith Healers?

Group trips or individual trips are available throughout the year to visit these faith healers and receive healing. 

Group trips have the added benefits of four lectures informing you how diseases are created and what to do to recover long-term health. This is of the utmost importance as otherwise you would go back to your country, keep making the same mistakes and... your disease would come back.

Most treatments take place over a period of five days when each participant Is able to receive one treatment in the morning and one in the afternoon with faith healer Laurence Cacteng or two treatments in the morning with faith healer Jun Labo. 

If you suffer from stage 3 or 4 cancer, you may need to stay longer than a week. Please contact me for advice. 

At the end of your stay faith healer Laurence Cacteng will give you written recommendations as to what natural herbs or supplements are needed to prolong your healing. 

Four Lectures To Promote Long Term Health

Patrick, on the group trips, will offer 4 lectures on "What Creates Disease & What To Do To Recover Long-term Health". Comprehensive handouts will be given.

These lectures are of the utmost importance. You involuntarily created your own diseases with your eating / drinking habits, negative emotions or excessive stress, your home and local environment and your lifestyle. 

Patrick will give you precise recommendations on what to eat or drink, how to combat stress and what powerful tools can be used to minimize negative emotions. He will also tell you what home products are toxic and where to get natural products to clean your house or use as cosmetics. Finally he will advise on the best form of exercises and lifestyle habits best for a long and healthy life.

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