Possible signs of breast cancer

From my study of Oriental Diagnosis, I present 3 Possible signs of breast cancer. These can be observed on the skin without any equipment. Do not panic if you see one of them, but if all 3 signs are present I recommend seeing your doctor.

Possible signs of breast cancer on your forearm

If you notice a greenish discolouration on that part of your forearm, you should see your doctor. This is the most important of the three signs I am introducing you to today. Many of my customers who suffered from breast cancer had this colouration on their arm.

If you find out that you have breast cancer make sure that whoever you go to for help knows that breast cancer is always caused by the Epstein-Barr virus. Your therapist should know how to effectively remove this virus without the use of harmful chemicals and remove the toxic heavy metals that are almost always present with breast cancer. This practitioner will also need to clean your liver as this undoubtedly is where your virus lodged itself first.

Possible signs of breast cancer on your skin

Oily skin is caused by too much oil and fat in your diet. If your skin is excessively greasy, this may indicate potential breast and ovarian tumours. This also points to a struggling Liver, Gall bladder, and Lungs.

It is difficult for the modern medical establishment to diagnose problems in our most complex liver. This is the organ that produces bile, and it is responsible among many other things for the digestion of fats. If you have been eating animal food, animal products (such as dairy, eggs, etc...), vegetable oil, nuts, seeds, hummus, avocados, etc... for many years, it could be that you have damaged your liver.

An ailing liver is trouble for all the organs in the body. Some vegetable drinks and special foods can clean your liver and restore the production of bile. They can also replenish hydrochloric acid level in your stomach and cleanse your intestines of harmful bacteria. Make sure that you use these.

Possible signs of breast cancer around your breast

  1. Itchy breast, possible redness, and some pain
  2. Nipple discharge or change in colour, shape...
  3. Some pain (awareness) in the armpit
  4. Change in the skin texture
  5. Breast changes shape

what to do if you see these possible signs of breast cancer

First, I must recommend that you visit your doctor.
However, if you'd like natural treatment away from the harmful side effects of modern drugs... read on.

My name is Patrick. I was diagnosed with cancers of the liver and large intestines back in 1991. I was told my chances of survival were only 6 to 8 months, and I decided to take care of my health. I studied Macrobiotics medicine at the East-West Centre in London, UK, between 1991 and 1993. This saved my life.

I learnt about the effect of different foods on my body, the flow of energy, Yin and Yang, cooking for health, Shiatsu, oriental diagnosis, and many other topics.

Today I have considerably increased this knowledge by reading hundreds of books on natural medicine and attending numerous courses.

I now offer consultations to people with cancer, autoimmune disease customers, heart patients, diabetics, and many other life-threatening illnesses.

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Certain foods encourage the development of diseases, and some can help you fight illness by removing toxins from your body. During his consultation, Patrick will guide you on what to eat, and avoid for optimum well-being.

Many wrongly believe that their diet is good. Since 1993 I have only met a couple of these people. All others were eating food that negatively affected their condition.

MLS is an excellent natural supplement that has helped me restore the health of many of my customers. But it's not the only excellent product I recommend. Many other herbs and natural products have helped my clients.

These supplements will not cause any side effects. I have been taking some myself for many years.

Patrick cured himself of liver and colon cancers diagnosed back in July 1991. He is extremely familiar with helping customers with cancer, autoimmune diseases, and organ failure. He can help you get rid of your cancer for good. See his background here.

Trying to find out on your own what you should eat, how to remove existing toxins and viruses from your body, and heal your disease will take you months. You will need to read many books, articles, postings on the web, etc… Some advice you read will be wrong, contradictory,  and hurt your health.

Don't try to save a small amount of money; it is not worth it. It could cost you your life. I can help you.

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