Prostate Cancer Biopsy

A prostate cancer biopsy is used to analyze the content of this sex gland.

This procedure involves sending an ultrasound guided needle through the anus into the prostate to take samples.

Prostate cancer biopsy and its dangers

Main Prostate Biopsy Dangers

Even though the insertion of the needle is guided by ultrasound imaging, there is always a danger that the needle may scrape against some tissues and damage them.

Furthermore, if the biopsy route is through the anus and the rectum (most common), we know that these are heavily populated with deadly bacteria.

These may attach to the needle and contaminate the prostate, bladder and blood stream. 

This may result in sepsis - a potentially fatal whole-body inflammation that can lead to multiorgan failure and death.

Currently, even the most powerful antibiotics are struggling to come to term with this infection.

This happens so often that in Australia doctors are now cutting back on prostate biopsies.

Other Prostate Cancer Biopsy Risks

According to the Mayo clinic, the following risks may also be sustained after a prostate cancer biopsy:

  • difficulty urinating. A catheter may have to be inserted to help
  • risk of infection
  • anal bleeding is quite common after a prostate biopsy
  • blood in your semen that may stay for a few weeks 

What Happens When The Prostate Is Pierced A Dozen Times?

Prostate cancer biopsy and its dangers

The biopsy needle needs to pierce the prostate in a dozen different places to take samples for analysis.

My simple mind tells me that if you pierce a container filled with liquid, there is an extremely good chance that some of the liquid will filter out. In the case of prostate biopsies, this liquid may be cancerous cells.

These cancerous cells will then enter the blood stream and circulate around the body. Wow!

A Safer But Costlier Prostate Cancer Biopsy..

If you must have a biopsy, and wish to eliminate the above risks, make sure you have a transperineal biopsy when the needle is inserted in the skin situated between the bottom of the scrotum and the anus, thus bypassing the bacteria in the rectum.

The problem with such a procedure is its high cost as it takes much longer to perform. It also requires anesthesia and a team of assistants during the operation.

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