Psychic Surgery Group Trip

If you are unwell, do not leave it too late to join my Psychic Surgery Group Trip.

It is much easier for us to help cancer patients, heart problems, diabetes or other serious health problem at the beginning than when it is too late.

Patrick, your guide, offers lectures to explain why you got sick and what to do to recover health

I offer 3 lectures on health matters when you join me on my psychic surgery group trip. With the help of Spirits, I explain why so many people suffer from diseases that modern medicine is unable to cure, and what to do to get rid of them. This is only possible because of the recipes Spirits have shared with me.

Furthermore, my own experience surviving cancers of the Liver and Colon, and helping hundreds of sufferers recover health through my consultations, teaching and the internet means that I am your best guide if you are unwell. 

The Psychic Surgery Group Trip..

Laurence operates on clientLaurence operates on client

I offer what I believe to be the most complete educational and healing package you can find:

  • A possible 10 or 20 treatments with psychic surgeon Laurence Cacteng to clean your body.
  • Complete education, with the help of Spirits, as to what Causes diseases and what to do to recover long term health.

Receiving Psychic Surgery without removing the causes of your diseases is not a complete answer. This is why I offer the following 3 lectures on my trip. 

My three Lectures

Many visitors to the Philippines are looking for the magic wand to cure their diseases. Many have already tried modern medicine with little success and some, unfortunately, wait too long and are beyond repair.

You have to understand that you have partly created your own illness. The Psychic Surgeon can help you by removing tumors, pus, blockages, energizing you, etc.. but if you go back to your country and carry on making the same mistakes that created your diseases in the first place..


During my lectures, I will explain why millions currently suffer from diseases that, to this day, remain a mystery for doctors. I will tell you how to remove the causes of these illnesses to recover health. 

Psychic Surgeon Laurence Cacteng Is One Of The Best

I have investigated some 70 self proclaimed Psychic Surgeons in the Philippines. I have only found a handful that passed all the tests I set them.

Psychic Surgeon Laurence Cacteng is the surgeons I recommend. I believe that he is currently the best.

Laurence channels the most powerful guides and he can work on any ailments. Unlike modern surgeons, he does not specialize but is guided by powerful spiritual beings.

Psychic Surgery Trip Structure

July 2019 Psychic Surgery Trip
Other dates may be found in our diary

  • July 27 (day 1) - You arrive in Manila, Philippines & stay at  Lotus Garden hotel.
  • July 28 (day 2) - I pick you up and drive you to your hotel near the Psychic Surgeon (about 5 to 6 hours)
  • July 29 to August 2 (days 3 to 7) - 10 treatments with Laurence (5 days.. 2 treatments a day.)
  • We leave to return to Manila no later than 8am on August 3  (day 8). End of trip.

    Day by day explanations here.

    Expect to be back in Manila Lotus Garden hotel late afternoon on day 8 with me. If you are booked on a late flight (after 7 p.m.) this may be alright as long as we don't get stuck in a traffic jam, puncture, etc.. It is better if you book yourself in Lotus Garden hotel again.


    If you suffer from an advanced stage of cancer (3 or 4), or have been sick for a long time, you may need to stay a second week (talk to me).

    Included in The Price Of Your Psychic Surgery Group Trip

    • Pick up from Manila on the second day, and drive to your hotel near Laurence (about 5 hours)
    • Return to Lotus Garden hotel, Manila at the end of your trip  
    • Six nights accommodation when at the hotel near Laurence 
    • Lunch when near Laurence 
    • Default breakfast as offered at the hotel
    • Two daily trips to Laurence for the surgery
    • Free lectures by Patrick (worth €495)

    You Pay For These On Your Psychic Surgery Group Trip

    • Laurence charges €70 Euros per treatment. He reckons that 10 treatments are necessary to clean the body. Two treatments may be received each day. Change your money in your own country. If you think that you may need more than 10 treatments because of the seriousness of your disease please contact me.
    • International return flights to Manila
    • Your evening meal 
    • Your hotel in Manila

    Book Your Group Trip

    Please contact me first to make sure that I still have vacancies on the trip. I only accept a maximum of 4 people on the trip to give you maximum personal attention.

    You confirm you full acceptance of our Agreement form when booking your trip. You will lose your deposit if you cancel your trip so please make sure that your insurance covers cancellations.

    If the dates below do not suit you, please check my diary for alternative dates.

    July 27 to August 3, 2019 to visit Laurence Cacteng


    Click here to book 1 - Click here for 2 sharing a room

    Additionally, you pay psychic surgeon Laurence direct when in the Philippines.

    If your disease is advanced, please contact me as you may need more than 10 treatments with Laurence.

    If you do not wish to travel to the Philippines but still want the advice I give during my lectures, consider my consultation.

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