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How to recover from your disease

No need to be sick. There are numerous methods to gently heal you.

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A health consultation with naturopath Patrick & Archangel Raziel

Naturopath Patrick give a consultation guided by Archangel Raziel

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Ellen Albrecht

I went to Manila in February of 1975. I had 19 openings made on my spine which had deteriorating osteoarthritis Our group stayed at the Bayview hotel in

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Short movie.. Protect yourself against Coronavirus COVID-19

A strong immune system can protect you against the deadly effects of the Coronavirus. Find out how you can boost your resistance to this virus and survive.

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Effectively fight the Corona virus

How to improve your chances of surviving the pandemic Coronavirus infections

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Psychic Surgery movies

A sample of some Psychic Surgery movies by Laurence Cacteng and other surgeon

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Psychic Surgery. Two different trips offered.

Psychic Surgery Differences between Group and Individual Trips to Visit a genuine Psychic Surgeon and Receive Healing

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